The Pencil Pushing Area — One Man's Work-in-Progress

What the hell!?another blog, schmoog, kaboodle, glob!

Posted in Uncategorized by R.L. Bertulfo II on August 14, 2008
Yup, saddle up folks. I’m trying to put this thing up from the ground up. Aside from my regular blog and the multitude of networking sites that I am part of, I am adding this up. And you’ll be asking me silly like “hey! dude, how come your putting up this shit?You can’t even post regularly from your other blog. Not to mention the other sites your spreading yourself at”. Well, I seem to think that what the heck, why not drown myself with some more friggin cyberspace estate. Its supposed to be free, right?. Not that someone would actually care if I have a couple of helpings more, in fact, I think nobody ever really gives a hoot about anything that I write in my blogs and what not sites anyways. Seriously folks, I’m putting up The Pencil Pushing Area which will serve as a repository of me trying to draw again. Exercising them drawing muscles as much as I can and as time would permit and hopes of maybe honing my craft and help journalize my plight and fancy to accompany it.  I’ll be posting my measly pen and ink work soonest as possible. See yah!!!
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