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Posted in Uncategorized by R.L. Bertulfo II on August 30, 2008
I have read and followed a couple of work journals/blogs from some pen and ink sequential artist locally and abroad, great and small. From what I have observed is that, although, some hint of the tools they used, not one (except for Sir Gerry) showed them. So, what the hey, I still have no passable lineart to post just yet, why not do a little show and tell about the tools that I use when I have the urge and the time to draw and cook up in my sketchpad. So, here it goes:
1) Rotring 300 (2mm) Clutch Pencil – My current pen of choice. It is fed with a 2mm HB lead. The parts are all metal and plastic, a really cool thing because you get to help save trees and stuff unlike traditional pencils which still use wood materials to place in the leads.

2)Various sable Brushes to soak ink on and to shade those huge black areas of lineart when it is time to finally ink them.

3)Correction Pen-for cleaning up inking errors and the like. Nifty if your prone to do sloppy ink works like the rest of us.

4)Higgins Black India Ink-tradional choice for inking your pencilled lineart. Just dip them pen nibs, quills and brushes and start them sloppy inking process. I used to get the Hunt Speedball India Ink before which is thicker and darker than Higgins (my observation) but now I can’t seem to find one.

5) Hidex 5200 Lead Pointer-essential if your using a clutch mechanical pencil. You need to get those leads sharp and tact for good results.

6)Plastic Eraser-what would lineart be without them. I used to try on gum erasers but I wasn’t comfortable using it, kinda messy. I always end up with a good reliable plastic eraser.

7)Hunt 102 Crow Quill 8) Hunt 107 Hawk Quill 9) Hunt 108 Flexible Quill 10) Hunt 56 School 11) Hunt 513 Bowl Pen-these are the various quills/pen nibs that I have the pleasure to learn and use over the years. A very essential inking tool for those lines and cross hatchings. Usually I use the Crow and Hawk Quill to ink some of my works when I feel the need for a challenge. I still have a lot to learn from this inking technique and its a very effective way to polish your pencilled lineart which a mechanical pen can’t replicate. Ink lines with depth and not uniformed lifeless lines.

12)Pen Nib/Quill holder-what would no. 7 to 11 article be without it.

13) Artline Calligraphy Pen (1.0 and 2.0) -I recently am using these to ink my lineart, usually the cartoony stuff that I draw. A fast and easy thing to have when you got no time and patience (like me) in using article nos. 7 to 11 above.

14) Stabillo Fine Marker (Point 0.4) – for inking even lines and also for the same reason as no. 13 above. It is readily available in various points and colors too.

Not included in the above image is the paper that I use for my lineart. Papers vary and from what I can readily get hold on to. I have had used 2 to 3 ply bristol boards (which I’ve read that thats what the Pros use) in the past which is hard to acquire and even U.S. grade white cartolina cut into 11″x17″ sizes (which is a hassle to do) or when I’m being lazy (which is most of the time) I use the good old substance 20 short sized bond paper.

I think that sums it up for now. I am constantly looking for good tools of the trade so, maybe next time my tools will vary. From my own humble experience these are the things I know and use and maybe you guys can point me to the right direction.

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  1. Rey Siasar said, on November 11, 2008 at 11:50 PM

    nice tools! pero asa na ang imong updates?!?

  2. pencilpushingarea said, on November 13, 2008 at 1:22 PM

    hehehehe….wa pa jud bai…na bz like you….pramis…soonest as possible…wa pa pud ayo ako mga drawings…tnx for clicking…

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