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The Right Hand of Doom sketch

Posted in Uncategorized by R.L. Bertulfo II on November 14, 2008



Hello everyone, the Suedemonkey has pushed me to update this blog for quite some time now, thnx dude! I needed it, I think. Been busy with work and all and I just got recently hitched and still contemplating on the roads that I will be taking hereon end with my life and all. I hope I can be back to doing this self gratifying thing of sketching and doodling lineart. I’m starting to exercise my drawing muscles recently and its quite frustrating at times when you still have a lot to go yet so little time spared in doing it and productive procrastinating doesn’t help alleviate things one bit.

This is a quick sketch I did tonight on everybodys favorite loveable red-skinned Right Hand of Doom: Hellboy. I’ve seen a couple of art blogs lately with their rendition on Mike Mignola’s creation or two popping up and made me realize that why not churn out one though slopply as it seems. Maybe because of the recent Hellboy 2: The Golden Army movie.  Pardon the lousy clean-up on this piece. I’m still learning how to clean scanned pencilled stuff. Maybe you guys can’t help me out on this one by showing good links to tutorials and stuff.  Comments are highly accepted.

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  1. Rey Siasar said, on November 15, 2008 at 3:18 AM

    at long last man! you have got talent and dont waist it procastinating! find at least 30minutes a day and draw. move your butt! sayang imo talent bai! just 30 minutes. hell, you can even draw better that i do. all i do is cheat. hehe. keep at it bai! ill wait for your next post!

  2. pencilpushingarea said, on November 15, 2008 at 6:54 AM

    hehehe…matsalams, mine I get to draw 30 minutes a week, hehehe… got a lot to iron out, frankly, I hate my style, i draw with too many lines too, sketchy. I like looking at those clean styles and still I can’t get to do a clean one and I still can’t draw a decent woman or hands and feet…hehehe….labaw na ang backgrounds…one step at a time anyways

  3. John Amor said, on December 2, 2008 at 4:07 PM

    Definitely keep at it, man. That’s pretty clean for a sketch. It’ll be great to see something you really put some time into.

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