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Tag–>I’m It! 25 Random Things

Posted in blog filler, Uncategorized by R.L. Bertulfo II on February 6, 2009

(tagged by John Amor via Facebook)

1.) I am known by different nicknames: chummy (by college/hi school buds or recent friends and acquaintances), gundoy (by relatives and old friends), mangtas (by the cebu extreme music scene/crowd) and doods (by my dearly departed mother and her 2 bestfriends).

2.) My beer dosage limit is 4 (1000ml) bottles of RedHorse.

3.) I get drunk and passed out almost always during a drinking spree and can’t remember when or how I got back home alive.

4.) I am a frustrated sequential artist and still wants to be one.

5.) I play in a cebu based deathmetal band as bass/vocals just for kicks since 1994.

6.) I despise math and now I’m stuck working in an auditing firm.

7.) My motto in life is ” Wisest is he who knows that he does not know”.

8.) I maintain blog sites and join networking sites (such as these) even if I’ve got nothing interesting to share and post.

9.) My favorite color is black and no other.

10.) The nickname Chummy was derived by a high school mate of mine who insisted on calling me by that name because it reminded him of the Royal True Orange commercial featuring a chubby kid popular at that time. (I’ll break his neck if given the chance and I could turn back the clock)

11.) Party Clowns give me the jeepers creepers.

12.) I mentally say “Fuck You!” almost every time I get the chance.

13.) I’m one of them sensitive new age guys (eheheheh) or SNAG who loves poetry and sheds a tear during sunsets (uhmmmm…mebe not that sensitive).

14.) I am an internet forum lurker by birth.

15.) I still keep my hotmail email since 1997 eventhough I don’t use it.

16.) My greatest fan and critique is my Wife 🙂 .

17.) I have mastered the art of making everyone think that I’m working on something.

18.) I sometimes hallucinate that I am the Shane Embury (Napalm Death fame) of the Cebu Metal Scene.

19.) A close friend of mine and I originated a black metal band in Cagayan de Oro. Me on Bass duties.

20.) I have an Industrial Metal side project band as bassist that is put on hold.

21.) In the height of Cueshe’s success some chic actually mistook me as a member of the said band once while commuting to SM.

22.) I am a closet Agnostic and seriously thinking about Nihilism.

23.) I still have to read a couple of books that I have acquired over the last two years.

24.) I hate Nazi wearing keeds (believe me, there’s lots of them nowadays).

25.) I am patient, so much so that everyone thinks that I am too passive.

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