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Blog-filler 3: Hellfest 5 gig

Posted in blog filler, the works by R.L. Bertulfo II on February 23, 2009

Just want to shamelessly plug yet again a gig to be held (yet again! is there an echo here?) at the Boss Grill @ Mango Ave, Cebu this coming March 14, 2009 . My lousy band will (yet again, sheeesh!the band : AGNAS, we are a deathmetal cover band)be taking part again hopefully, if all goes well and we get to actually jam and practice again, last time I checked was from the last gig we did a month ag0. Check out the poster (I was asked again to do the poster so as with the other 3 gigs that came to past even if I sucked at doing it, FYI hehehe) for more details and stuff:

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  1. […] @ ALL …OT : Shameless plug, clicky for more details —> Hellfest 5 gig this coming 3/14/09 @ The Boss Grill, Mango Ave., Cebu..for the mild-mannered metalista in you […]

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