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Mr. Clean The Streetcleaner

Posted in sketches, the works by R.L. Bertulfo II on April 18, 2009

dsc01381Well, I promised to upload/update something in this blog and to my unfortunate predicament my home PC failed on me yet again for almost a week now and hasn’t been resuscitated yet. I’m using my issued office laptop to post and surf the net nowadays and add to the insult, I can’t damn scan my sketch updates here so I am left with uploading the image you see above as a preview of sort. It is not a scanned image but a snapshot via my camera enabled phone so for that bear with me on this, for now.

As the title of this post suggest, I’ve cooked up a character and layout a 5 page intro of somewhat of Mr. Clean: the Streetcleaner. Firstly, naming him from a well known laundry soap is kinda lame but that’s whats stuck in my head when I drew him maybe because he’s one bald mother#$% and as the Streatcleaner, named also from a fave band of mine Godflesh’s release, he will  protect the city streets from evil-doer or something of the like. At night he will clean the streets of scum, thus, the Streetcleaner plus he will be a metro-aide by day. Nifty?Not! hu-hummm…So, hopefully it gets to be included in the so called initial release project of ours (unofficially joked around as The Three Little Pigs Production 🙂 ) if I don’t f@#$ up and haul my ass off to actually finish this piece and start drawing come June 2009. Mr. Clean: The Streetcleaner, as I have cooked up in my head will be a mixture of Lobo, Batman, Daredevil and the Spirit rolled into a haphazard character, 5 pages of it doesn’t really give the impression of such but I do hope I can squeeze something there respectable enough, it is however our first take on doing comics. It is hard as hell just imagining how I will get to finish it, its a very daunting task for us newbies and fanboys to take a stab at what we like or do something about it and not just be forever fanboys.

At the least, we (the 3 little pigs crew) did something to revive the Cebu comics movement in our own humble way. As far as I am concerned I will never tread and dream of becoming a comicbook artist in some foriegn publisher and do it for a living, its just not practical and I am next to crap in sequential art but atleast I did something (well, will be doing something, hopefully). Hope the other guys tomorrow when we get to meet like my proposal and I get the cut.


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  1. […] like he’s to be take seriously unlike the previous character design I did way back in some post. Again, hope I can pull this off me having no experience whatsoever on lineart/sequential art and […]

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