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Whats in a sign?

Posted in articles by R.L. Bertulfo II on April 24, 2009

Since I have not updated something worthy here I might as well babble on something interesting or not.

Just a heads up. All pencillers, inkers or any artist for that matter would always sign their work. From finished art to the chicken scratchings. Mostly for the purpose of identifying the body of work presented to the public. I always sign any work and what I posted here and some of them can be viewed in the previous postings no matter how lousy they are.

I have had many alterations/variations of signing my work from early on  and here’s the one visible to last years post. Its elvish script or something  of the initials R, L and B which stands for the initials of my full name. Very geeky me, I was and still am a fan of JRR Tolkiens literary works and it is very visible and very obscure to the many and I am doing away with it now, good riddance?.

signoldAnd for the purpose of finality, I will be signing my works  no matter how  mundane and amatuerish they are from here on end with the one thats fairly visible in my masthead up there in this here blog  and visible here, with this


now ain’t that clear enuff?Damn egotistical yet futile me rearing its ugly head again. Shame what a shame. 🙂

OK, now for some real WIP updates…..

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  1. Lazytastsoria said, on April 29, 2009 at 3:04 AM

    now in my rss reader)))

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