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Sketchercise Tuesday 2

Posted in fan art, sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on June 9, 2009

Hello folks, for those of you who’ve noticed, no sketch was posted for yesterday because I was having a ball, drinking with some old college buds and I got home late already and kinda drunk. Lifting a finger and do some doodles was next to impossible so I have foregone with it yesterday. Today I am back, I think.

Honestly, I am struggling to get the groove back (if ever there was one that I am led to believe) for two straight days without a sketch (Sunday was a rest day and Monday as stated above). Struggling to think of something to sketch about for my brain can’t rack out something imaginative. Struggling also because laziness is rearing its ugly head at times and I am almost giving in. The force is not strong within me, sorry master yoda.

Anyways, on with my shameless Sketch-a-day.

Too much black....Spider senses tingling

I almost gave up on this one tonight. I was terribly  snagged by the black areas, they’re friggin’ everywhere with this guy. My initial plan was to put Spiderman upfront full body and use Venom, pouncing from behind him, as a background to let old Spidey stand out with the sketch but FAILED miserably and finally (and with the time crunch) put Spidey’s head as an afterthought. Damn friggin’ lame. Worse was I don’t know crap where to put all the black areas of Venom, which comprise mostly 95% of him. Geez. Hope tomorrow sketch would fare better. Nuff said.

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