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Posted in blog filler, SDR Comics by R.L. Bertulfo on July 16, 2009

This week I feel like this and this .

Since last weekend’s drinking binge at One Mango with some buds till the break of dawn last Sunday I was pretty much tired and till now I still feel tired inside with a little hint of a fever going on internally and a mild sore throat to add to the injury. Making me paranoid and all with all them viruses rampaging in the news. I’m just tired, I guess and for the last few days I been skipping some internet time at home and go to bed just relaxing early. No stress and other life threatening sh*t as the wife forcefully demanded upon me and like a good boy I yield. For now it is manageable, I never even filed for a sick leave coz its just a mild thing. Maybe I’m  just stressed out. Some things are perculating here at work and there’s this major reshuffling of personnel which will take place within the month and all of us are patching up on our backlogs and something related here and there at the office. Sometimes I just want to shout out and then run naked away from work and never to return. Yeah, that kind of feeling. And its been like this for 9 years now. I’ve got one heck of a stomach to muster this, really.

One thing that’s perking me up lately is that I am also busy scripting/putting dialogue to the Captain N12 first issue. I was asked early on this month to do the scripting duties for Bobols is terribly busy with call center work and the babe and we needed to finish the comic book up soonest as possible so I gladly helped Motmot out in finishing his masterpiece. Pumped up mostly but hindered by me being sick nowadays so I only did the first 11 pages and I’ve got 8 pages or so to go before I end it. The first draft for the first 11 pages I already emailed to Motmot for approval and some inevitable changes. Hope it goes well and we get to release the comics within the targetted release date this July 30, 2009. For now I must recover. Mentally and physically.


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  1. rey siasar said, on July 20, 2009 at 4:33 PM

    get well bai! daghan pa ta projects!

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