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Updates and then the usual SDR meet up

Posted in SDR Comics, sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on August 22, 2009

Yesterday was a holiday, me and the SDR Boys did our almost weekly meet up and discuss all things SDR related and future shindigs and whip our pen and inks and doodle amidst the chitchat. This time, like the last one, we hung out at McDo Jones and out of thin air decided to draw Hellboy. And here is what I came up with together with a Captin N12 sketch I gave to Motmot to ink on someday:



Been busy since last night doing Page 2 and 3 of my soon to be submission for the anthology and by golly the self imposed deadline is almost up and due next week. Hope the gods favor me this time and get my lazy @$$ up and running till I cap it off with page 6. Probably post it tomorrow some pathetic previews. I actually revised page 1 from scratch yesterday and I am quite ok with the revised one.

Another thing, my 3-page collaboration with Zerulean is 50% done, meaning he already finished pencilling it and now its up to me to ink and put them captions and balloons. Can’t wait to start inking on it tomorrow. It will be awesome.

Finally, the SDR Comics will hopefully finalize a contract next week to a well known comics outlet in Manila if all goes well and eventually Captin N12 Issue No. 1 will be available to our tagalog speaking brothers out there. I’m excited already. Wish us luck guys and ghouls.

Nuff said. 🙂


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