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Yesterday’s Drink and Draw

Posted in blog filler, cebu by R.L. Bertulfo on October 18, 2009

It’s 2:00 a.m. and can’t sleep, might as well post something here seeing that the last time I post was almost 3 weeks ago and I am a pathetic blogger when it comes to updating this blog but all the while in my head I always been meaning to post something here and there but the great head of productive procrastination always rears its ugly head. Anyways, the SDR crew attended yet again another fun Drink and Draw session with some local komikeros at Gerry’s Grill Ayala Center Cebu yesterday. We met up with two of the awesome podsters of Tres Komikeros,  the great John and Alex,  and also with sketch card queen Kat. Seven all in all were in attendance and the theme for the drawing was a “creature feature” and all I ever sketch was a pathetic looking man-crab creature on steriods, I guess I was not into the drawing bit and was more into the drinking bit that day either way I  had fun. Here are some pics from the meet up and my pathetic sketch (I’ll make it up next time guys).

Wheres Wally?!

Where's Wally?!

Wheres Wally again?!

Where's Wally again?!

OMG! Here comes Mr. Crab! Spongebob save Us!!!

OMG! Here comes Mr. Crab! Spongebob save Us!!!

I am terribly rusty, gotta snap out of my unproductivity and draw gaddammnit!

Sugbo Jam Komiks No. 1 is almost the done, the pages are all set hopefully within the week we get to release this baby out.


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