The Pencil Pushing Area — One Man's Work-in-Progress

The Sketch Bin

Posted in geeks, sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on May 28, 2010

Hey there folks, for those interested, there’s a new blog my Drink n’ Draw buddies came up with which will showcase our sketches over the weekend with an underlying theme each week. The Drink N’ Draw guys decided to make our Drink N’ Draw sessions online due to all our busy schedules we can hardly get to agree on a meet up at our favorite hang-out place so what better way than to make it online and let everyone contribute a sketch on a decided weekly theme. The only downside to this is the drinking part of the Drink N’ Draw, which we can’t possibly do on just yet. Heheheheh…sacrifices, sacrifices. Anyway the objective is still there, to help each other out and the critiques on how each of us can well improve on our art and stuff. Head on over HERE or just click on the image above to go to the page and feel the love. Nuff said.


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