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Photo Ref Fridays : Blind Alley

Posted in blog filler by R.L. Bertulfo on August 12, 2011


Hello Folks,  I know I’m late in the game (sorry JA ) with this one. Artist friends been sharing/posting in their respective blogs every Fridays on possible Photo References for their upcoming comic book projects or art related endeavor and my first contribution would be this post, I guess. I dunno if the other guys posted something similar (I haven’t rummaged thru their blogs for older post). A blind alley is just as intriguing and as hard to draw, so many things to take note specially light placements and  shadows and I hope to draw something of this sort someday in one of me pathetic comic book sequential efforts.

Been away from blogging for half of the year now and I guess I’m back (?!).

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