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What a Wonderful World : Neo Nazis

Posted in IMHO by R.L. Bertulfo on August 15, 2011
WTF! Hail, Hitler??

Starting today, I’ll be posting a series of events, things, persons and other matters that I find terribly interesting and/or things that piss me off  as of the moment and I’ll start with this one.

I’ve been meaning to post something of this subject for some time now. They are becoming rampart and it pisses me off to see them pop up from time to time be it stickers, t-shirts, murals a.k.a. consented vandalism, flyers and even FB post from.

Look at the picture above. Look at it. Gouge your eyes if its still unclear. What do you truly see? Disturbing, isn’t it?

True story, I was in some mall over the weekend with the wife and we were picking something up for my kid at the Kids Department area and this cute little brown cap was perfect for him but to one minute detail that made me cringe instantaneously. A Neo Nazi print !? WTF! man, jeeezus H christ. What has the world gotten into? No, let me rephrase that, What has the Pinoy gotten himself into this time? Can’t they see the significance of what the F they are doing? Do I live in a rock or something that being Neo Nazi is the next hip thing here in the Philippines? Why don’t they just kill millions of helpless Jews again while there at it. That was what Hitler was good at the last time I heard. Was the store promoting to the kids and teach them Hail, Hitler! early for the good of humanity? I was going to report it to the manager and asked him if they were aware of the product but the wife told me to leave them be because we were going somewhere else and we were going late.

And Its not just this purely innocent kid baseball cap that I happen to see them blazing Swastikas flaunting around, I tell ya, from friggin’ stickers to effing emo kids wearing their shirt proud with the look of innocently not knowing what them sigils mean in the first place, I even asked one time some snotty nosed kid wearing it and said he just dig the design man and when I told him what the symbol was for, he just stared at me blank and stupid. I could have kick his behind but I was outnumbered and I only asked him off handedly.

If the Nazis were still in power, we Filipinos could have been next on their genocide list after the Jews. Last time I check, we are not blue eyed, white skinned Aryans. When someone flaunts the symbol because he thinks its just cool to look at, pucker up and kiss the truth for once, do your share, do your research. Get to know something first before donning it up and let it be part of your lifestyle. It will only make you stupid and be a target of ridicule. But all in all, to each his own as they say, and this is just my humble f#@kin opinion. What a wonderful world this has become. Nuff said.

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