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2011, Roughly

Posted in IMHO by R.L. Bertulfo on January 4, 2012

(Note: I am terribly not an original, this post was inspired by this post, tnx man.)

Roughly, my 2011. In any order:

1.Joyfully welcoming my son to the this world.

2.Reaping the joys of fatherhood.

3.Bought a new phone.

4.Bought some cheap running shoes.

5.Discovered the joys of Android.

6.Participated in the 2nd Cebu Comics Convention.

7.Got back into running (or jogging, or whatever) daily.

8.Participated in 2 fun runs.

9.Got promoted with my day job.

10.Started writing and drawing comics again.

11.Stopped writing and drawing comics again.

12.Participated the NanoWriMo but failed at the first 200 words or so.

13.Written my second Shortest (Vignette)Short Story.

14.Engrossed with Books 1 to 5 of the Song of Ice and Fire all year round.

15.Attended in a wedding and a funeral.

16. Attended my High School Batch/Xmas Party Reunion.

17.Met some good old friends, miss some and made some new ones too.

18.Neglected updating this blog mostly all year round.

19.Preoccupied by mostly holding back two of my very close friends Mr. Diabetes and Mr. Hypertension.

20.Did 3 Death Metal gigs with the band.

21.Miss the company of alcohol and drinking buddies.

22.Syncoped twice 🙂

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