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Digital drawing is a pain and I’m not quitting…

Posted in IMHO, sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on April 13, 2012

Last night I’ve finally made an attempt to fire up my aging graphics tablet (w/c I dared not use for relative reasons emanating from this post) and take a shot again with drawing/sketching things digitally because I was feeling the mojo and all that shit and mebe save some trees and shit along the way by not using paper and pencil and stuff. I was having illusions of grandeur by attempting this 2012 as doing my (terrible) sequential art the digital way a continuation of sorts to my new years resolution. Oh boy, was I reminiscing my failures and inabilities again. Like I said awhile back that I’m firing up the old pen tablet, I bought it years back when them Wacoms were still not available locally around 2008 and tried my darned best at working it out but failed at it miserably at that and decided to shelve the bastard up in the attic, if I ever had one. So, last night I decided upon a whim to get it off the dust bin and connect it to my equally older laptop and give it a good go. It was hard like the last time, them hand and eye coordinating thingee still plagued me. I know, I know that I have to keep at it and keep at it I will as far as I can muster, so help me and may the gods fare me well on this one. I was trying to doodle some batman here and there and finally ending the night with almost a dozen unsaved files and the one  above to cap things off (and mirroring/summarizing how I felt at swaying this beast called digital drawing) as a testament that I did try and will try again tonight and with it some improvements. Wish me luck guys 🙂

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