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Can this be a warm up sketch if u done nuthin after?

Posted in sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on April 17, 2012

N.Korea missile launch fail...coincidence?

Can the sketch above be considered a warm up one even if afterwards I didn’t do a proper sketch? hehehhe…I was doing this sketch as a warm up coz I was planning on doing some Hulk fan art or some Lobo, just doodling this and that and I even forgot to make a layer for the inks and just covered up the blue pencil lines directly via Paint Tool Sai when sleep gave way to reason and I just close the laptop lid and said goodnight to the world. I was tired and all and never got around to doing a proper sketch. Maybe tonight. I won’t promise though.

I was thinking of doodling up some fat dude jumping out and about like in a pool or lake or something like what we do in summer see but being lazy with perspectives and what not I decided to put a half assed rendering of a rocket (from the recent failed N.Korean launch) to the background and the fat dude like he’s stopping the friggin thing. I don’t know if you guys noticed it or not or you’re thinking what the fuck is that supposed to be. Well, that’s that and tomorrows another sketch away.

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