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On various micro updates in life and some points to ponder

Posted in articles by R.L. Bertulfo on July 9, 2012

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There’s no short of the lack of updates on this blog. A lot of distractions come my way here and there because I know I’m the king of productive procrastinating. I’ve recently moved in to our new house last June 16 and I’m officially a Talisay City resident. So, a lot of routine changes are appropriate most especially about the commute.

Moving to a new house is kind of like a new beginning for me. Like a new chapter in my life book. Suddenly, everything old is new again or something. Makes me want to have a clean break, a new slate or a blank page to scribble or write on.

But contrary to the statement above I haven’t done any scribble/doodle/drawing digitally or otherwise. The new house is still littered with my boxes full of books/comic and others waiting to be properly placed including my digital drawing set up. I still need a drawing/computer table to host it up which I still don’t have the budget to juice. I hate drawing without a proper station to do it so this drains the drive to draw things somewhat or am I just looking for something to tag the blame on and what I mostly do now is productive procrastinating which I am terribly good at like the ones elaborated below.

I’ve been writing mostly everyday nowadays. Clunking it in on my laptop when I get the time. Usually around the wee hours in the evening or the wee hours of the morning or in between office breaks, whichever comes first. I was pretty much inspired by an article somewhere shared on the interwebz that I forgot who/what/where/the author of it but the fact remains that the article was good that I decided to write again no matter what content it would be but mostly I started for the nth time again a daily personal journal. Although my life is typically routine which is nothing to excite writing about. My journal mostly consist of some important/significant detail that’s worth remembering during a typical day and some notes about what I am feeling or anything I want to discuss with myself (yeah, I am that sane). It is good practice. I can flex my writing muscles daily and it helps, I think, although mundane or insignificant my life has been. Its a time machine of sorts. So far I have logged everyday since the 16th of June and I do hope I can keep this up. A lot of distractions as always almost prevented me from doing it daily but I muster the courage to keep going even if I felt like I have nothing to say. I do my daily journals digitally but I been contemplating of writing it the traditional way because  I think it’s more aesthetically pleasing and worth treasuring but terribly not secured because what if I left the journal open somewhere stupidly so anyone can read it. It is personal and I don’t even let the wife read it. It’s too awkward for that matter also. After I finished saving it on file daily, I host it to my Evernote account for safekeeping. I have used this app for almost all of my note taking in my phone and in my computer. It is one handy application to have to get to remember things worth looking up later. Digital has its downsides also, what-if the online service shuts down, what-if it is overridden by a virus and never to be retrieved. What a disaster but everything has it’s ups and downs so I better choose one or why not both? A nice online alternative would be a private blog which only I can access but that also has it’s inherent risk.

Another thing I want to point out is that I have been terribly contemplating on writing poems again. It has been been almost 7 years or so since I last written a decent one but I have always been a poet at heart. I’ve been making poems since high school. Where a daily journal is somewhat like reporting, poetry is like the voice of the soul, feelings put on paper. It’s a terribly different beast than writing. Well, hope I can pull things off and get my mojo running again.

And that’s that for my little updates. And how about you?

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