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On various micro updates in life and some points to ponder

Posted in articles by R.L. Bertulfo on July 9, 2012

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There’s no short of the lack of updates on this blog. A lot of distractions come my way here and there because I know I’m the king of productive procrastinating. I’ve recently moved in to our new house last June 16 and I’m officially a Talisay City resident. So, a lot of routine changes are appropriate most especially about the commute.

Moving to a new house is kind of like a new beginning for me. Like a new chapter in my life book. Suddenly, everything old is new again or something. Makes me want to have a clean break, a new slate or a blank page to scribble or write on.

But contrary to the statement above I haven’t done any scribble/doodle/drawing digitally or otherwise. The new house is still littered with my boxes full of books/comic and others waiting to be properly placed including my digital drawing set up. I still need a drawing/computer table to host it up which I still don’t have the budget to juice. I hate drawing without a proper station to do it so this drains the drive to draw things somewhat or am I just looking for something to tag the blame on and what I mostly do now is productive procrastinating which I am terribly good at like the ones elaborated below.

I’ve been writing mostly everyday nowadays. Clunking it in on my laptop when I get the time. Usually around the wee hours in the evening or the wee hours of the morning or in between office breaks, whichever comes first. I was pretty much inspired by an article somewhere shared on the interwebz that I forgot who/what/where/the author of it but the fact remains that the article was good that I decided to write again no matter what content it would be but mostly I started for the nth time again a daily personal journal. Although my life is typically routine which is nothing to excite writing about. My journal mostly consist of some important/significant detail that’s worth remembering during a typical day and some notes about what I am feeling or anything I want to discuss with myself (yeah, I am that sane). It is good practice. I can flex my writing muscles daily and it helps, I think, although mundane or insignificant my life has been. Its a time machine of sorts. So far I have logged everyday since the 16th of June and I do hope I can keep this up. A lot of distractions as always almost prevented me from doing it daily but I muster the courage to keep going even if I felt like I have nothing to say. I do my daily journals digitally but I been contemplating of writing it the traditional way because  I think it’s more aesthetically pleasing and worth treasuring but terribly not secured because what if I left the journal open somewhere stupidly so anyone can read it. It is personal and I don’t even let the wife read it. It’s too awkward for that matter also. After I finished saving it on file daily, I host it to my Evernote account for safekeeping. I have used this app for almost all of my note taking in my phone and in my computer. It is one handy application to have to get to remember things worth looking up later. Digital has its downsides also, what-if the online service shuts down, what-if it is overridden by a virus and never to be retrieved. What a disaster but everything has it’s ups and downs so I better choose one or why not both? A nice online alternative would be a private blog which only I can access but that also has it’s inherent risk.

Another thing I want to point out is that I have been terribly contemplating on writing poems again. It has been been almost 7 years or so since I last written a decent one but I have always been a poet at heart. I’ve been making poems since high school. Where a daily journal is somewhat like reporting, poetry is like the voice of the soul, feelings put on paper. It’s a terribly different beast than writing. Well, hope I can pull things off and get my mojo running again.

And that’s that for my little updates. And how about you?

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Remembering the 2nd C3 (or a very delayed post thereat)

Posted in articles, cebu, SDR Comics by R.L. Bertulfo on October 20, 2011

Wow, what the F. Sorry, it took me so, i mean, sooooooooooo long to post the aftermath of the successful 2nd Cebu Comics Convention 2011 last Oct. 1, 2011. Yay, nice try me. Nineteen friggin days delayed to be exact. Not that I had nothing better to do all them 19 lost days mind you. You know the drill, been busy with this, been busy with that s#$%T and stuff. Well, here it is, don’t fret. My post 2nd C3 post in all its memory fading glory.

(Caveat Lector: This is a long boring post. All pics after my inane textual post or better scroll down and leave the yapping behind)

We started early getting busy on our little farthest end of a booth around 9:00 a.m. at the U.P. Cebu grounds. The heat was gradually festering the participants already but lucky for us all the available booths were provided with tents for shelter from the sun, wind (?) and rain. Morning came and not much going for the crowd just yet, things got steam around 3:00 p.m. or so when the Artist Alley was already filling up with, uhm, ah, artist, what else and the crowd went wild, so to speak. Our little SDR Booth (thanks to the Big Ape Studio guys for letting us crash our stuff) or actually, our SDR/IPI Pharmaceuticals/Mcfarlane Toys booth which we loving shared with them guys, was full to the brim with our own indie comics, Mcfarlane action figures and yeah, some medicinal flyers courtesy of IPI. Our SDR catalogue was mighty looking good as opposed to the last years C3 which was only my Boy Sipok and Sugbu Jam No. 4 was on sale. Now we had another Boy Sipok Comics of mine, Sugbu Jam No. 5, John Amor’s Urban Animal Nos. 1 and 2, JP dela Rama’s Gemini Complex No.1 and some Komikero comics from Manila. We didn’t sold that much except for Urban Animal 1 and 2 that sold well as far as I can recall. Not that it was bad all in all selling wise, but it was surely an experience mind you and I am not complaining. I am counting on next year’s C3 if the gods allow to sell more of our Super Debil Robot Comics catalogue and alot of fans would support it.

Other booths present were the Wacom guys showing and strutting there goods for all the salivating crowd to see. I was eyeing on that Cintiq lustily and not the pretty lady attendant, really…really! I was scheming a plan of theft and armed robbery by nightfall to the guy who won the Bamboo but to no avail and rightly so. Then there’s them ever present Komikon guys with their comics fresh from Manila, they were also present at last year’s C3 and for that, kudos to you guys for never failing to participate in our little event this way south. Then there was the ComicXhub booth fresh also from Manila bringing with them awesome comics from Marvel/DC and other international ones. By impulse I had to buy from them DC’s the New 52 of Batman No. 1 which was so awesome, Greg Capullo’s art is tha bomb. I was shaking in anticipation on this one and much to my wife’s weird disapproving looks (she is the ever cashier of the SDR comics since from last C3’s booth). Then there’s the National Bookstore booth full of comics in trade and other art supplies. They gave away some cool Hellblazer tradepaperbacks also and then some Zig art markers. There were other booths put up then but I can’t seem to recall that much so I better leave it to that so as not to further my embarrassment on the details. Thanks to them they made the C3 a success.

The highlight of the event was definitely the Artist Alley booth, which highlights (do I hear an echo?) the purpose of the event. To promote comic book art and artist from Cebu and then some. I wasn’t able to attend to the artist alley because we the SDR crew were busy with the SDR booth attending to it and hoping to sell some SDR comics all thru out the event. Artist present at the Artist Alley were the ever urban animal Mr. John Amor all the way from Davao to regain his rightful roots representing Cebu komikeros with the ever agile cat Kat Layno, Leandro Panganiban, JP dela Rama (notice I only mention SDR Comics artist contributors, so sue me?!) and a whole lotta bunch of great artist filling up the booth and giving away cool sketches and then some. I gotta mention Ike Racho who came all the way from Singapore(?) just to attend to this event and promote his awesome comics Tommie Zombie, he is after all a Cebuano and started his comics roots here with some indies and the ever popularly raunchy(?) From Junquera with Love comics. I regret not having to buy his Tommie Zombie No. 1 and have it signed and get my picture taken with they guy coz I was outta budget by then. Next time dude, if there is one.

All in all, I can safely say that the 2nd C3 was fun like the last one. A learning experience even. I enjoyed meeting you guys specially the ones who came to our own little SDR booth and said hi to us guys. It is a reward in itself. Kudos to the Big Ape Studio guys for pulling off the event yet again.





(Click on the link below for more slew of pics from the event in slideshow style)

Hey, folks! Here’s to the next C3. Mabuhay ang Komikerong Pilipino. I’m proud to be a part of it and for that it is enough. Thanks.

P.S. hey Mr. Amor, where’s my Sponge Bob sketch from last year’s C3?…

The year that was and then some…

Posted in articles, cebu by R.L. Bertulfo on January 7, 2011

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to each and every Komikero. I know it’s a bit late a greet but it’s the least I can do for this blog.

A lot has happened in 2010 for me comics wise and I think so too to the whole Cebu comic book scene and I was glad to be a part of it, be it by and large. 2010 was the year when Cebu took part of the Comics Convention craze that started in Manila to inspire the regions to do one of their own and we did it here with the Komikeros help up there (from the likes of the great Gerry A. and Manix to the world renown artist Harvey A. and Carlo P. to name a few) and graced our own 1st Cebu Comics Convention and made it a huge success. I had the chance to have my comics signed by them all and then some wanted picture poses with them and smiling and giggling like a rabid fanboy. Even Komikero extraordinaire Jonas Diego admits (if I’m not mistaken) that the 1st C3 a huge success way grand than theirs, he’s the man so he knows what he’s saying so we gotta take his word for it. It really made the comics community in the Philippines closer and the boundaries and distances made moot. We are forever thankful to guys for the guidance and support and for coming this far south to share the success with us Cebuano Komikeros. Hope to see and take part to another C3 this year.

This year also, I get to publish my own mini comics under the Super Debil Robot Comics banner with the release of Boy Sipok Komics: The Unauthorized Edition during the 1st Cebu Comic Book Convention with warm aplomb to the masses. For a friggin’ P10.00 what more could one ask for and as to not loose steam I followed it up with the release of the Boy Sipok Komiks: Invades the Komikon Edition under the Imprentas de la Cucaracha Rebelarse imprint of SDR (my own finally!) released during the Komikon 2010 at Manila brought by the SDR Crew sans me to the event and it was received by our tagalog bros /sis there with lukewarm reception. It was a blast still to take part atleast.

SDR Comics relatively had a good 2010 with the release of Sugbo Jam Nos. 3 and 4 and the great John Amor’s Urban Animal No.1. A slow but productive year still for the SDR gang although reason for it due largely to the fact that ¾’s of whom are the organizers of the successful 1st C3 and really took much part of their time for that year alone. Hope we at the SDR headquarters rack up more comics to be released this year. All we can do is wait and hope to get jiggy with 2011 this year.

As for me personally, although I was productive with 2 mini comics releases last year I wasn’t really drawing/sketching up that much with only brief spurts/sprints of drawing madness here and there finishing off them 2 minis up in time for their releases after which I haven’t pulled the pencil that much and even early this year the mojo’s not here just yet. I plan to release a 22-page one shot comics and another Boy Sipok mini comics odd-ventures thrown in here and there and also a planned 4-issue 22-page story arc that I’ve yet to conjure a top of my coconut shell so here’s to that. 2011 bring it on!

Oldies but Goodies pt.1 – cartoony

Posted in articles, the works by R.L. Bertulfo on July 10, 2009

I was rummaging thru my old files at home yesterday from some old boxes containing comics/books and old things of mine such a beat up old notebook full of crap imaginings and some loose papers of still crappy drawing that I did way back 1994 to 1999 or somewhere in between those times. I was planning on getting rid of them but going over them brought back good amusing memories, its like a treasure chest so I decided to scan the ones that I liked for kicks and somehow preserve them digitally for some reason that eludes me now. Posterity, I guess.

I did a couple of cartoony drawings that was used as a patch up to some unsightly place in our bathroom’s wall or door for that matter and this is what I came up with:

I like drawing pigs now and it was evident then, excuse the poor scans on this one’s, I only managed to clean out the second image, the first one is next to impossible for me for I am not that good with PS, the papers are all very yellowy because these drawings were very much exposed. If there is a PS technique that you guys can show me a link, I’d love to know. 🙂

Then this here is the Maxx, which I terribly like and all things Kieth as stated from some previous post somewhere in this blog.

One thing I remembered with this here pieces is that I get to color them using the Prang Watercolors that bud Elton gave me then, tnx dude! Its a rare thing for me to color something even today. I am not good (and I am not good with anything mind you) at blending approriate colors here and there. Someday. For now I’ll stick with the trusty pen and ink.

Next post (WTF! there’s more?!groans!..bored/eyes rollover/etc.) would be some horrid (and still horrid now) sketches I did way back, like friggin time machine back. For now, tah-tah. Sleepy as sleepy as can be.


This post is a self imposed tag meme because this guy here beat me to it 🙂 but I’m gonna post it anyways .

Free Comic Book Day

Posted in articles by R.L. Bertulfo on May 23, 2009

As the title implies, Free Comic Book Day is a single day, usually held the first Saturday in May each year, when participating comic book specialty shops around the world give away comic books absolutely free to anyone who comes into their shops and now it was my first time to witness such an event at Fullybooked-Ayala Center, Cebu (although it is the 23rd of May today). It is a first, so it means it is something to write home about, or in this case, blogpost about. If I am not mistaken, it is a first also for us Cebuanos to have it and thank the gods FullyBooked is finally here in Cebu and made it happen.

We fellow SDR geeks (that would be me, Motmot and Suede) decided early on that we would line up early there to get them freebies and would drag with us anyone we could find willing to come and give us what freebies they would parchance upon  and come Saturdy we did. Only us 3 and the wife (with a huge question mark on her face and some bribery) came. The place wasn’t nearly as jam packed as I have envisioned it to be (comparing to the FCBD event in Manila) it was still packed yet more loosely. Initially I thought we could get maybe 3 or 4 free comics per person as stated by some FCBD Pros online and offline as it would rightfully be but after we lined up together with them snot-nosed keeds, hostile old fanboys and the clueless like the lambs to the slaughter house we were told only to pick one freebie from a variety of 8 or so comicbook titles. It wasn’t enough but it was free nonetheless so it was still the awesomest because the first experience, like your first *censored* , is always an event etched in stone.

Comparing it to them lucky people in other parts of the world and in our nations capital on FCB Day they have guest appearances and signings of some hot shot artist and we here got none, nada, squat. They have venues and participating shops to go around with while here we got only one. I’m not complaining, mind you, just comparing and then some. I am glad I get to go on one today and hoping for another one next year with a better modus to grab all of them freebies in one go, I am a cheapskate and anything free is good.  And by the way, here’s the freebies (that’s including the wife’s stash) that I got today:

Cool huh. But I should’ve gotten the other freebies such as the Avengers, Wolverine, Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stuff and it would have been more awesome.

And here’s one TPB from one of my fave artist doing one of my fave superheroes that I bought out 20% off with much negotiation and whimpering with the wife:

All in all a very good day. The comicbook geekery in me is satiated for now and inspired to pick up them dusty pencils again and get a move on with this terribly un-updated WIP art blog again.


p.s. -changed the blog’s theme just for kicks…commments appreciated

So much to do, so little time

Posted in articles by R.L. Bertulfo on April 28, 2009

Over the weekend, I bought a couple of books via my favorite, cheap surplus book binge at The BookSale in eMall here. Hardbound editions of Greg Bear’s Darwin’s Chidren (P125) and one from the tandem of Debrah Doyle and James Macdonald called The Stars Asunder (P10!!!), fairly cheap. I’m a cheapskate. The former author I have always admired and get to read his books with awe and wonder, although its hard SF I tend to skip the very technical pages and its an enjoying read still. The latter authors I have yet to read their works, if I have the time and the inclination to do so. Now, that’s my problem of late. So much books to read yet so little time. The two books mentioned are now part of the stock pile (or boxed pile) that I have accumulated since last two years ago and believe me there are dozens of them waiting to be read. Not to mention that a good friend of mine gave me a complete set of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series hard bound editions too which I thanked him profusely for it and now has become a part of said pile. It’s a shame to let it wait on me and time management is one of my biggest flaws, next to discipline. Good books (for my taste that is, would be fantasy and sci-fi) still waiting to be read. Always on the back of mind’s to-do list that just keeps getting longer in time.

This of late has become a predicament. I have so little time for reading books, which I have always loved doing since I learned how to read, and honing my so called drawing/sketching skills (deluding myself that I have one),  talent or whatever. Plus, as stated in some previous post,  I have to submit some sequentials for an upcoming indie comic book release come end of May 2009 adds up to the situation I am in. Not good.

I relegate myself to just read/surf the internet for easy access to news, blogs, updates chatting, downloading questionable stuff and yada-yada most of the time and I think I am hooked by its accessibility and it is info overload. It’s a bad thing, I must admit and I hope to rectify that matter all together over the week, so help me god. 🙂

I promised the wife last night that I would make some kind of time management list thingee that I will slap my face with everytime I productively procrastinate and/or lazying around. Aside from working 8 hours every week days which is obligatory, the remaining 16 hours  and weekends would be set aside for personal and family time which is not much to divide my time with. Every time I go home after work would roughly be equated to reading time (including comicbooks, I guess), personal necessities time, drawing/sketching time, internet/blogging/oggling time and finally, come here baby time (hu-hummm). And if you guys ever had this problem and already solved such I would gladly consider your tips and tricks on this matter.

Whats in a sign?

Posted in articles by R.L. Bertulfo II on April 24, 2009

Since I have not updated something worthy here I might as well babble on something interesting or not.

Just a heads up. All pencillers, inkers or any artist for that matter would always sign their work. From finished art to the chicken scratchings. Mostly for the purpose of identifying the body of work presented to the public. I always sign any work and what I posted here and some of them can be viewed in the previous postings no matter how lousy they are.

I have had many alterations/variations of signing my work from early on  and here’s the one visible to last years post. Its elvish script or something  of the initials R, L and B which stands for the initials of my full name. Very geeky me, I was and still am a fan of JRR Tolkiens literary works and it is very visible and very obscure to the many and I am doing away with it now, good riddance?.

signoldAnd for the purpose of finality, I will be signing my works  no matter how  mundane and amatuerish they are from here on end with the one thats fairly visible in my masthead up there in this here blog  and visible here, with this


now ain’t that clear enuff?Damn egotistical yet futile me rearing its ugly head again. Shame what a shame. 🙂

OK, now for some real WIP updates…..

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Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies…

Posted in articles by R.L. Bertulfo II on November 27, 2008

For not updating this blog, I’m just gonna throw in an interesting article I happen to browse by today and share it with you which really slapped me to my senses and kicked my a$$ real hard(at least for the time being..hahuhmmmm). Now I don’t have any reason for not updating this blog with art that I kept on promising that I would. I feel exposed and ashamed of myself just by reading this article. And serves me right. I have only myself to blame. Maybe I will change and mind you, I do want to change. For the better, hopefully. Open and read the link below if you want….tnx Chris for the eyeopener…

Making the Time by Chris Eliopoulos