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Repost– Call for Submissions: Philippine Speculative Fiction 8

Posted in blog filler by R.L. Bertulfo on May 17, 2012

Just wanna help spread the word out:

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Call for Submissions: Philippine Speculative Fiction 8

Editors Dean and Nikki Alfar invite you to submit short fiction for consideration for Philippine Speculative Fiction volume 8.

Philippine Speculative Fiction is a yearly anthology series, which collects a wide range of stories that define, explore, and sometimes blur the boundaries of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and all things in between. The anthology has been shortlisted for the Manila Critics’ Circle National Book Award, and multiple stories from each volume have been cited in roundups of the year’s best speculative fiction across the globe.

First-time authors are more than welcome to submit; good stories trump literary credentials any time.

Submissions must be:
1. speculative fiction—i.e., they must contain strong elements and/or sensibilities of science fiction, fantasy, horror, magic realism, alternate history, folklore, superheroes, and/or related ‘nonrealist’ genres and subgenres
2. written in English
3. authored by persons of Philippine ethnicity and/or nationality

Submissions are preferred to be:
1. original and unpublished
2. no shorter than 1,000 words and no longer than 7,500
3. written for an adult audience
In all cases, these preferences can be easily overturned by exceptionally well-written pieces. In the case of previously-published work—if accepted, the author will be expected to secure permission to reprint, if necessary, from the original publishing entity, and to provide relevant publication information.

Submission details:
1. No multiple or simultaneous submissions—i.e., submit only one story, and do not submit that story to any other publishing market until you have received a letter of regret from us. We don’t mind if you submit to contests.
2. All submissions should be in Rich Text Format (saved under the file extension ‘.rtf’), and emailed to, with the subject line ‘PSF8 submission’.
3. The deadline for submissions is 11 p.m., Manila time, September 15, 2012. Letters of acceptance or regret will be sent out no later than one month after the deadline.

Editors’ notes:
1. Please don’t forget to indicate your real name in the submission email! If you want to write under a pseudonym, that’s fine, but this can be discussed upon story acceptance. Initially, we just need to know who we’re talking to.
2. If you’d like to write a cover letter with your brief bio and publishing history (if applicable), do feel free to introduce yourself—but not your story, please. If it needs to be explained, it’s probably not ready to be published.
3. We advise authors to avoid fancy formatting—this will just be a waste of your time and ours, since we will, eventually, standardize fonts and everything else to fit our established house style.

Authors of selected stories will receive Php500 pesos in compensation, as well as digital copies of the book.

Please help spread the word! Feel free to copy this and paste it anywhere you see fit that happens to be legal. 🙂

Dean and Nikki Alfar, co-editors


Photo Ref Fridays : Blind Alley

Posted in blog filler by R.L. Bertulfo on August 12, 2011


Hello Folks,  I know I’m late in the game (sorry JA ) with this one. Artist friends been sharing/posting in their respective blogs every Fridays on possible Photo References for their upcoming comic book projects or art related endeavor and my first contribution would be this post, I guess. I dunno if the other guys posted something similar (I haven’t rummaged thru their blogs for older post). A blind alley is just as intriguing and as hard to draw, so many things to take note specially light placements and  shadows and I hope to draw something of this sort someday in one of me pathetic comic book sequential efforts.

Been away from blogging for half of the year now and I guess I’m back (?!).

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WTF I’m Stuck!

Posted in blog filler by R.L. Bertulfo on April 26, 2010

Sorry Folks, no updates, no nuthin, no nada. I’m stuck with nothing for the past 2 mos. or so and it sucks big time. My drawing board is literally filled with broken lead and crumpled paper and my mind is virtually the same. Hope I can get out of this rut soonest coz  SDR Comics is breathing down on my neck with the advent of Sugbo Jam No. 3‘s release which coincidentally put on hold for almost a month now and undeniably I am one of the suspects for its delay and me and the boys made an ultimatum to release it finally on the first week of May 2010 and or else by the gods we will all be damned in hell and I’m fairly akin to submit to hell altogether come May.

Arlan Esmeña, December 8, 1973 – February 18, 2010

Posted in blog filler, comics, pinoy by R.L. Bertulfo on February 18, 2010

Rest In Peace Sir Arlan (12/8/1973-2/18/2010)

I was notified via FB today of this upsetting news.  During my last post about a month ago I blogged and was proud to atleast help spread Sir Gerry and Arlan’s  latest and greatest release “Where Bold Stars Go to Die” here in Cebu together with the SDR Crew, helping out in our own little way.  What a sad day this has been.

To Sir Arlan, wherever you may be, wish I could’ve atleast known you personally. Wish you had more time and more wonderful art to give to this world. The Philippine Komiks industry is at a loss surely. Thank you for giving and leaving  us with  “Where Bold Stars Go to Die”. You are an inspiration. Rest in Peace, Sir.

Cebu now has some Bold Stars

Posted in blog filler, cebu, SDR Comics by R.L. Bertulfo on January 20, 2010

Are you currently in Cebu?Are you a comic book enthusiast?Interested in Bold Stars? Or just adore everything about Sir Gerry A. like I do? Click this link for some friggin enlightment —–>>> Where Bold Stars Go To Die

Hey, was 2009 fast or what?! Happy New Year!

Posted in blog filler by R.L. Bertulfo on January 11, 2010

What a shame, forgot to make a reglementary first post for all you guys. I wish I’d drawn this or something to commemorate the ensuing year but as always, been busy with all the holiday shebang and the long vacation and as usual my day work got in the way, a lot of changes this 2010 office-wise and I’m in my adjustment phase or whatever. Anyways, Happy New Year everyone! Hope this year would be a great year for us all.

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Tres Komik-Cerdos

Posted in blog filler, sketch card by R.L. Bertulfo on November 11, 2009

Tres Komik-Cerdos

Yesterday’s Drink and Draw

Posted in blog filler, cebu by R.L. Bertulfo on October 18, 2009

It’s 2:00 a.m. and can’t sleep, might as well post something here seeing that the last time I post was almost 3 weeks ago and I am a pathetic blogger when it comes to updating this blog but all the while in my head I always been meaning to post something here and there but the great head of productive procrastination always rears its ugly head. Anyways, the SDR crew attended yet again another fun Drink and Draw session with some local komikeros at Gerry’s Grill Ayala Center Cebu yesterday. We met up with two of the awesome podsters of Tres Komikeros,  the great John and Alex,  and also with sketch card queen Kat. Seven all in all were in attendance and the theme for the drawing was a “creature feature” and all I ever sketch was a pathetic looking man-crab creature on steriods, I guess I was not into the drawing bit and was more into the drinking bit that day either way I  had fun. Here are some pics from the meet up and my pathetic sketch (I’ll make it up next time guys).

Wheres Wally?!

Where's Wally?!

Wheres Wally again?!

Where's Wally again?!

OMG! Here comes Mr. Crab! Spongebob save Us!!!

OMG! Here comes Mr. Crab! Spongebob save Us!!!

I am terribly rusty, gotta snap out of my unproductivity and draw gaddammnit!

Sugbo Jam Komiks No. 1 is almost the done, the pages are all set hopefully within the week we get to release this baby out.

Captin N12 is now available at Sputnik Comics!

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For the original post click here.

Captin N12 has landed at Sputnik Comics, Cubao

Captin N12 has landed at Sputnik Comics, Cubao

Its been a blast setting up SDR Comics and taking part in the making of Captin N12 Issue 1 and its awesomer that Sputnik Comics would carry the issue in their branch there at Cubao, Q.C. for access to all you Luzon chaps out there. Just a heads up. Tnx  to the very nice and charming manager of the store Ms. Chez Fidelino for striking a deal with us newbies in the local comic book industry. Much love and respect.

Coming September 2009!!!(Hopefully!)

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