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Boy Sipok strikes again at the 2nd C3

Posted in comics, SDR Comics, the works by R.L. Bertulfo on October 26, 2011

Aside from my previous post, this one tops it off by a mile. I’ve been wanting to post updates of this and that on the whereabouts of Boy Sipok Comics come the 2nd C3 but I was to darn pressed in finishing the book out that I forgot to update this blog about until now and by golly much delay it is.

I started feverishly working on Boy Sipok: The 2nd C3 Companion only 2 weeks to the aforementioned 2nd Cebu Comics Convention as my usual. The first Boy Sipok comics was done in that fashion as well last C3 2010 so I can safely say that this is my usual routine with regards to making my sequentials, I like to cram, period, so sue me. I have a day job to get jiggy with and I can hardly squeeze a project or two but I try my darn best because for the love of the medium.

From the 12 page objective to the final 8 pages I was really racking my brains out in coming up with a Boy Sipok comics come 2nd C3. All I can say that I was proud to an extent and quite abashed actually that I have to go thru the same predicament I was in last year that I promised thereafter that I would not succumb myself to which I clearly failed. But at least I made it thru the rain, so to speak and I am sucking on it. I dare say, I shan’t do it again…nah….frig it.

A little background, Boy Sipok is my own creation, some would say its me personified but I have yet to see a resemblance. You guys can read this post, or this to help speed things up.

About the event itself (please read previous post for more details), Boy Sipok was one  of Super Debil Robot Comics catalogue to grace the SDR booth from my own line Imprenta de la Cucaracha Rebelarse, a rebellious imprint of SDR Comics. Honestly, I only sold a handful of it and I would personally thank you guys here in me humble blog…all 5 of you god fearing men and women who laboriously visited and checked us out on our little SDR booth and shelling out your hard earned P25.00 bucks. Hope you enjoyed it as much I enjoyed making it. Maybe come next C3 Boy Sipok would fare better but only if I make one better in the near future. I do hope I won’t disappoint. Well, just an update, if you have friends up north or the ones reading this blog happens to be in Manila this November 19 (?) for the Komikon 2011 I do hope could come by forcefully to our little SDR Comics booth. Tom and Suede will be there with open arms and legs to greet you (I can’t come again like the last time for financial reasons but the guys will be there in my stead) and maybe, just maybe, the Boy Sipok: The 2nd C3 Companion would tug at your geeky hearts and make you shell out some P25.00 love I would gladly appreciate the support you will give as you folks up there did at last years Komikon (see related post here). Other folks not from up north or otherwise you can always order directly from us at or post a message here so that we can come with an agreement.

Well, it was fun, I hope to do some more soon in the future. All hail, comics!


C3 is coming and the Pencil Flex guys…

Posted in cebu, comics, geeks by R.L. Bertulfo on August 23, 2011

Hello folks, The 2nd Cebu Comics Convention (or lovingly called the 2nd C3) is almost upon us this coming October 1, 2011 at the U.P. Campus, Cebu. I do hope I can beat the deadline of sorts and get to release the upcoming Boy Sipok comics there (crosses fingers and legs). A lot of Cebuano artist will be there and the Manila Komikeros hopefully, so show us some love and support this coming October 1st. We appreciate it greatly.

Anyways (copyright Tom Perez!), in other related news the awesome guys at Pencil Flex are giving away a free sketch of your choice during the 2nd Cebu Comicon. Head over to their site for the mechanics. Click on the link below:

The Pencil Flex Cebu Comic Con 2011 Sketch Giveaway

Hey, if I were as awesomely abled as them guys I would gladly give all of you free sketches at the Comic Con but I can pathetically assure you that you won’t like the sketches one bit so, a fair warning to you guys come Oct.1 and you happen to be idly standing in front of my table and thinking of asking for one. hehehe. I’ll see you guys later there, uhmmmkay?!

For related sites and updates, click below:

Facebook Fan page for the 2nd Cebu Comics Convention

Facebook Fan page for Super Debil Robot Comics

Boy Sipok now at the Komikon 2010

Posted in Comic Books, comics, SDR Comics by R.L. Bertulfo on November 13, 2010

As of this writing, the Komikon 2010 will be in full swing at the StarMall, Edsa today and damn it I couldn’t come to the event for reasons so naturally obvious, i.e. I’m broke or I don’t have the dough to show or I’m a loser, etc.etc.). I have not been updating this blog for some time now and it doesn’t mean that I have not done any arty farty stuff either, I was busy preparing Boy Sipok:Invades the Komikon Edition for SDR Comics under my own Imprenta De La Cucaracha Rebelarse Imprint and I seldom go online nowadays so I tend to let this blog go unattended and so as my other blogs (OMG! I have 3, friggin’ loser me) too but mind you I did not slack off as others might think or so I would lead them to believe. And the fruits of which I have now unleashed at the Komikon as we speak, or as I blog, or whatever. The point is that I have at least contributed something to the event in my own little lousy way and for that I am somehow gratified but it would have been cooler still if I were there, don’t you think? Well, fate is fate and such as such we leave it at that, there is always next years Komikon, hopefully. Thanks to Motmot, Suede and Bobols (the 3/4ths of the 3 Little Pigs (what?!) , aka the SDR Boys) for spreading the Boy Sipok virus to the innocent Komikon participants and for a measly P20.00 , black and white photocopied grass roots goodness, what more could a fanboy ask for. I’ll put a link here anytime soon for a CBR file version of this issue for Free download once I know where to host it. Keep posted peeps.

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Boy Sipok

Posted in comics, SDR Comics, the works by R.L. Bertulfo on October 13, 2010

It took three days in the making. Last September 25, 2010 Boy Sipok: Unathorized Edition debuted at the 1st Cebu Comics Convention at the Ayala Activity Center, Cebu with a silent bang. All 50 printed issues of it displayed at the sparse SDR Comics booth and 37 people bought it with a hint of trepidation in their eyes (hehehehe) during the con and for that I am thankful for their hard earned P10.00 for the 8 pages of comics they bought. Boy Sipok is a hurriedly done comic-strip with little planning and many grueling thought on how to go about it that would squeeze right within those three day do-it-yourself production deadline that included the photocopy/folding/stapling the comics in the early morn of the Convention itself and by golly I unbelievably pulled off. I was afraid then that our SDRC booth at the Con would be lacking anything to peddle with so I decided for myself and to some extent with Elton also, to make a freebie portfolio to hand out to the Con attendees of our so called art as originally planned by the SDR guys and being that 2/3’s of the SDR Crew were busy with preparing for the event for the last month and I was the one left with nothing better to do and I felt I had to do something for SDR Comics in general, the least I can do and so I did and glad I did.

Boy Sipok, as far as my translating abilities are concerned, roughly means “Angry Man” or “Crazy Man” with Sipok meaning to go crazy-all-of-a-sudden in bisaya (i.e., nisipok nasad ang utok ni boy) and boy as a popular Pinoy nickname to a kid/adult as an pre-additive to denote his famous ability  (i.e. Boy Bato, Boy Negro, Boy Tapang). I do hope someone would enlighten me on this moreover and I apologize if I didn’t make a dent on your understanding zone.

Anyway (copyright Tom Perez hehehehe), all 5 page strips were usually gags/situationals that I made up with no clear objective in mind  illustrating how Boy Sipok would interact/react to given certain events that occur in his limited comic strip life and so far I think I will stick to this formula for now and not go on to full page story like comic strips for I haven’t got the talent in the first place and let it be clear and known right here in this here blog that this is my first foray in doing comic strips as opposed to what I usually do which is in the super hero sequential vein and so far I am liking it, liking it good. I don’t even miss drawing muscled bound superheroes to date or I’m just too lazy to go back to practicing cross-hatchings and stuff.  By the way before I forget, friends come up to me and say that I resemble the character too closely for my own good. Really?! Can’t tell myself…you think?!

I’m planning on making a web comics site for all things Boy Sipok maybe tomorrow and everyone knows that tomorrow moves yet a day after so updates will be in order soonest as I can. It will be in English as oppose to the first 5 strips which were in the local Bisayan dialect as insistently suggested by the SDR Boys and some friends who thinks that voicing it in English would have a wider appeal because we live in place where every region has its own dialect and English is kinda like our  3rd or 2nd language, a more plausible approach I guess. I don’t know how this will affect the strip and hopefully I pull it off fingers and legs crossed. Nuff said. So, keep posted, stay sexy and tuned and thanks for the read.

Comics Page

Posted in comics, SDR Comics, Uncategorized by R.L. Bertulfo on May 16, 2010

For a lack of a better post and update, I finally made a Comics Section Page in this here blog’s sidebar. Click on the sidebar  link or click HERE for instant awesome. I will update the page from time to time on some sequentials that I have published in some Super Debil Robot Comics releases. For the meantime, enjoy and comments and critiques are fairly welcomed.

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Sugbo Jam No.3 is Coming!

Posted in cebu, comics, SDR Comics by R.L. Bertulfo on April 29, 2010

Hello folks! Just wanna make a quick postie (!? is this word legal?) update on the upcoming Sugbo Jam No. 3 which is due out this May 2010 and sorry for its relative delay but hopefully all goes well according to the SDR Crews megalomaniac plans. Just a little heads up, below is the cover for issue 3, drawn and quartered by the great Kat Layno, Cebuana Manga Art Goddess. Thank you ma’am for humoring our request to do the covers and might I say what a damn fine, sensual cover it is. Click on her name for the link to her deviantArt site for more of her awesomeness and also, before I forget, she has a three pager comics included in the comics which is written by the equally awesome John Amor (I never thought John would be at the writing helm). And a slew of other Cebuano artist submission for this issue. The best Sugbo Jam issue yet. So, stay tuned folks. This one is gonna be a killer. Totally psyched! Till then folks, feast your eyes on the preview below.

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Arlan Esmeña, December 8, 1973 – February 18, 2010

Posted in blog filler, comics, pinoy by R.L. Bertulfo on February 18, 2010

Rest In Peace Sir Arlan (12/8/1973-2/18/2010)

I was notified via FB today of this upsetting news.  During my last post about a month ago I blogged and was proud to atleast help spread Sir Gerry and Arlan’s  latest and greatest release “Where Bold Stars Go to Die” here in Cebu together with the SDR Crew, helping out in our own little way.  What a sad day this has been.

To Sir Arlan, wherever you may be, wish I could’ve atleast known you personally. Wish you had more time and more wonderful art to give to this world. The Philippine Komiks industry is at a loss surely. Thank you for giving and leaving  us with  “Where Bold Stars Go to Die”. You are an inspiration. Rest in Peace, Sir.

Unprepared–My sequential Oddventures

Posted in comics, SDR Comics, the works by R.L. Bertulfo on August 18, 2009

I haven’t been posting much lately because of reasons posted in the last post here but what the heck, might as well post something even if its half baked, I’ve been posting crap since day one why not stop now. I am really trying to do sequentials for the upcoming SDR Comics Anthology release slated this September and it is quite nearing now that I am kinda stressed lately eventhough its just a deadline that we guys at SDR Comics are trying to set us up so that we have to push through any project we happen to be partaking. It is self-imposed therefore my stress levels are self-imposed also. Anyways, here are two pages worth of my stab at doing sequential art a.k.a. comic book story telling. Notice that I posted no dialogues whatsoever and been wanting too just to make it more clear the story I have in mind but alas, me no expert on them things as putting word balloons via digital and I am trying to learn the ropes per se nowadays, they say Corel Draw does a better job at doing this and for now I am reading the Help Section of it and left feeling unhelped in the process. So for now, minus the dialogue/word balloons.

Look Ma! No balloons! Geezz...crap crap crap. As for the art, crap still
Look Ma! No balloons! Geezz…crap crap crap. As for the art, crap still

The first piece here is a one-pager story kinda like a vignette of sorts akin to that of prose.  I am entitling it “Gladiator” and hoping that its kinda obvious at first glance. Its like a scene from a memory and I hope to do more of the like soonest when I get the hang of things. Notice (like anyone flying f@#$ cares) that I did a different style approach to this one, just black areas all over albeit too much and no visible cross-hatchings.

OMFG! Pathetic excuse for buildings and structures, Que Horror!
OMFG! Pathetic excuse for buildings and structures, Que Horror!

This one is gonna be a six-pager one shot story to be entitled “All in a Days Work” and I do hope so, in my mind it already is that is. Page two is on its way. Different approach as to the first one.  I have come to a conclusion that I will draw in a certain way whatever the mood takes me on the job at hand. I just make do of what I can come up with in the first place and just Go!Go!Go! like an energizer bunny and after its done then life goes on so to speak. Make up the next time. Drawing structures and backgrounds are friggin hard I tell ya, its not for the faint hearted. I am even struggling with anatomy the more so with perspectives and backgrounds. Its a punishing affair but a great learning experience. What better way to learn that to do it first hand no matter how pathetic your version of some thing here and there just pray to the gods that whatever you drew on the page would somehow get through with the readers and make them go Ah! OIC! and not WTF! That’s not a tree!

These will be included hopefully in the anthology come September. Must pull it off, must not give in, must think I can do it.

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WIP- “The Sacrifice”

Posted in comics, sketches, the works by R.L. Bertulfo II on February 16, 2009

Yesterday, me and my collaborator and very close friend had a little brainstorming and discussion. We were pitching some ideas to and fro which eventually took shape with me having to make an 8 page short story plot and my friend doing some rough sketches for the characters we were pitching in for the story. It was a productive exercise (hopefully will not gear unto futility) of sorts and real breath of fresh air to get to have a chance to talk and discuss somethings other than the mundane that plagues our lives from day to day. Jogging our brain so to speak and let them creative fires burn. Rakenrol!

Well, hopefully we can wrap this thing up this coming March and get it print out together with another friends upcoming indie comics release to tag along with his pages as an filler of sorts, tnx Mot. We were somewhat inspired by the people up north in our nations capital. They still actively churn out inpedendent/self published/non-profit comic books/releases and very note worthy indeed. All for the love of the medium and me and me friends hope to do so as well though measely and meager we may be. Me and my friend (or collectively we both called ourselves Metal Works Studio, though no studio can be found, just a name we tag ourselves with…hehehe) are starting with collaborating on this 8-page endeavour now and hopefully we get to finish this and get on with our lives.

Me on plots/scripts (and maybe, just maybe be inking the pages but seriously considering Mot to do the job, oh lazy moi or terrified moi) and him on pencilling duties. Character definitions and overall look and feel by the both of us and we already did it yesterday primarily.

The story is a short based on the concept that “what-if on your 21st birthday you were whisked out of our routine life by powerful beings and help you shape to be the destined champion for the world against an invading horde hell bent on destroying the earth?”. Well, that about sums things up for now. Below are the character sketches that my good friend and collaborator E.J. Espinosa thought up with (all sketches made by him with me ranting and raving along the side and yeah, pitching in)…by the way, wish us luck:

Our Protagonist for the WIP-Sacrifice
Our Protagonist for the WIP-Sacrifice

Our Antagonist for the WIP-Sacrifice

The evil Horde/Minion for WIP-Sacrifice

The Horde/Minions of the Antagonist for WIP-Sacrifice

The One who will aide our Protagonist in the WIP-Sacrifice
The One who will aide our Protagonist in the WIP-Sacrifice
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