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This Blog is Signing Off…

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I’ve been thinking…

…I think its about time…

…to begin a new…

head on over at if anyone’s still interested.


Somethings a-brewin’

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Just saying, it’s comics related :), so keep posted….

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Comics Page

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For a lack of a better post and update, I finally made a Comics Section Page in this here blog’s sidebar. Click on the sidebar  link or click HERE for instant awesome. I will update the page from time to time on some sequentials that I have published in some Super Debil Robot Comics releases. For the meantime, enjoy and comments and critiques are fairly welcomed.

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The Streetcleaner revised and soon to be again

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Just want to make a heads up to the SDR Blog, it’s been updated with updates (no pun intended 🙂 ) to the so called whereabouts of each of our still yet incoherent projects therein, this one is my post there but feel free to check the others post. Click the link for some good lovin’ —–>>> Subject to change withour Prior Notice <<<—- .

Enough about them, now what’s up with me you might ask :).

Well, over the weekend we (that is the SDR collective of 4 but emphasizing on the 3 this time around) decided to post to the SDR blog updates on our individual pieces that would soon see the light of day anytime soon or end up in obscurity or whichever comes first. This made me sketch/come up with something/mind bend the images posted below in order to readily comply to what we have agreed upon. And eventually made me inadvertently revise the Streetcleaner which I was going to really because I think it was kinda off  and made me think that it would be better to use the original character sketch to some other thing in the future. This revision, as stated in the SDR post, will be subject to change yet again, without prior notice or until I come up with something cooler but the name will stick and I’m not changing it.

We also decided that on every meet up we make we would have a brainstorming/psuedo study on sequential art with references to whaterver we can hook up with be it How-to-Draw-Comics for dummies or similar tomes and from what-I-have-heard references also.  In the process we can feed off of each others experiences and expertise and learn and do some more unlearning in the process of this thing that we have high regard for, sequential art. So every weeekend or so we have a meeting on the status of the project and drawing sessions right smack in the middle of it to keep things productive. Cool.

Below is the revised Streetcleaner. I am still slicing my brain on what style to pursue. I tend to be fond on the cartoony side which is evident to this sketch I did:

Little Cleaner

Little Cleaner

This is the sketch I did afterward, still afraid to ink it because of all the construction lines, honestly, I don’t even know how to pull off the strongest lines for inking, stupid me. I am still drawing it the same way, typical comic book hero style I guess and that just bugs me because I terribly hate it but I can’t shake it off with an ugly stick, not yet but hopefully I will or I’d best be somewhere up in some bridge or building hell bent on jumping off to La-la Land:

Revised Streetcleaner sketch

Revised Streetcleaner sketch

Clearly visible on the above image that I don’t draw/practice that much nowadays and my lazy ass keeps rearing (no pun intended again) its ugly head with productive procrastinating on its back daily to terrorize me. Note to self: practice!practice!practice! and then some. I have decided to make the Streetcleaner look this way akin to the Daredevil/Batman/Moonknight/and every vigilante by night kinda thing to make him look like he’s to be take seriously unlike the previous character design I did way back in some post. Again, hope I can pull this off me having no experience whatsoever on lineart/sequential art and even good story telling and all. I have a couple of story plots running around me feeble head that I hope I can put it to paper the soonest and let it be over with. The revised sketch kinda looks like what I am visualizin in my head, well, mostly 70% of it though and its a good thing I guess. But in all honesty, I am fond of drawing goofy cartoony stuff but I want to achieve comic book seriousness first so I am still finding the visual style so help me god.

Here’s an inked character study version of it, comments as usual are begging to be had, so fire away:

Streetcleaner character study-inked

Streetcleaner character study-inked

The Streetcleaner is Coming….

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….if all goes well 🙂

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I haven’t been exactly slacking off

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Hello everyone. It has been awhile since I posted here and that doesn’t mean I was slacking off. In fact I have been drawing and sketching thingamajigs for a couple of  weeks now. It has been hard to juggle daytime work and family and the things and hobbies that I’ve been doing and rolling it to one and call it a day after it all. Its hard but I get by somehow.  and for the sake of posting something of interest, here’s a sketch of the bats I did just now 🙂 hope you all enjoy, click on the image for the bigger picture…its a special day to day anyway so what better way than to post. Comments are highly enjoined (have I improved on my sketch work in progress?):

Happy April Fools Mother Effers!!!

Tag–>I’m It! 25 Random Things

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(tagged by John Amor via Facebook)

1.) I am known by different nicknames: chummy (by college/hi school buds or recent friends and acquaintances), gundoy (by relatives and old friends), mangtas (by the cebu extreme music scene/crowd) and doods (by my dearly departed mother and her 2 bestfriends).

2.) My beer dosage limit is 4 (1000ml) bottles of RedHorse.

3.) I get drunk and passed out almost always during a drinking spree and can’t remember when or how I got back home alive.

4.) I am a frustrated sequential artist and still wants to be one.

5.) I play in a cebu based deathmetal band as bass/vocals just for kicks since 1994.

6.) I despise math and now I’m stuck working in an auditing firm.

7.) My motto in life is ” Wisest is he who knows that he does not know”.

8.) I maintain blog sites and join networking sites (such as these) even if I’ve got nothing interesting to share and post.

9.) My favorite color is black and no other.

10.) The nickname Chummy was derived by a high school mate of mine who insisted on calling me by that name because it reminded him of the Royal True Orange commercial featuring a chubby kid popular at that time. (I’ll break his neck if given the chance and I could turn back the clock)

11.) Party Clowns give me the jeepers creepers.

12.) I mentally say “Fuck You!” almost every time I get the chance.

13.) I’m one of them sensitive new age guys (eheheheh) or SNAG who loves poetry and sheds a tear during sunsets (uhmmmm…mebe not that sensitive).

14.) I am an internet forum lurker by birth.

15.) I still keep my hotmail email since 1997 eventhough I don’t use it.

16.) My greatest fan and critique is my Wife 🙂 .

17.) I have mastered the art of making everyone think that I’m working on something.

18.) I sometimes hallucinate that I am the Shane Embury (Napalm Death fame) of the Cebu Metal Scene.

19.) A close friend of mine and I originated a black metal band in Cagayan de Oro. Me on Bass duties.

20.) I have an Industrial Metal side project band as bassist that is put on hold.

21.) In the height of Cueshe’s success some chic actually mistook me as a member of the said band once while commuting to SM.

22.) I am a closet Agnostic and seriously thinking about Nihilism.

23.) I still have to read a couple of books that I have acquired over the last two years.

24.) I hate Nazi wearing keeds (believe me, there’s lots of them nowadays).

25.) I am patient, so much so that everyone thinks that I am too passive.

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blog-filler2: Enslaving the Masses gig

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Just want to shamelessly plug a gig again to be held at the Boss Grill @ Mango Ave, Cebu this coming Jan 17, 2009, in conjunction and in defiance with the Sinulog Festival 2009. My lousy band will be taking part again hopefully, if all goes well. Check out the poster (I was forced to do the poster via PS also did it in the previous gig, FYI hehehe)for more details and stuff:

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Blog-filler1: Unsilent Night gig @ the Boss Grill

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Just want to shamelessly plug a gig to be held at the Boss Grill @ Mango Ave, Cebu this coming Dec. 20, 2008. My lousy band will be playing hopefully (thats the last band listed on the poster bill). Check out the poster for more details and stuff:

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