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Digital drawing is a pain and I’m not quitting…

Posted in IMHO, sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on April 13, 2012

Last night I’ve finally made an attempt to fire up my aging graphics tablet (w/c I dared not use for relative reasons emanating from this post) and take a shot again with drawing/sketching things digitally because I was feeling the mojo and all that shit and mebe save some trees and shit along the way by not using paper and pencil and stuff. I was having illusions of grandeur by attempting this 2012 as doing my (terrible) sequential art the digital way a continuation of sorts to my new years resolution. Oh boy, was I reminiscing my failures and inabilities again. Like I said awhile back that I’m firing up the old pen tablet, I bought it years back when them Wacoms were still not available locally around 2008 and tried my darned best at working it out but failed at it miserably at that and decided to shelve the bastard up in the attic, if I ever had one. So, last night I decided upon a whim to get it off the dust bin and connect it to my equally older laptop and give it a good go. It was hard like the last time, them hand and eye coordinating thingee still plagued me. I know, I know that I have to keep at it and keep at it I will as far as I can muster, so help me and may the gods fare me well on this one. I was trying to doodle some batman here and there and finally ending the night with almost a dozen unsaved files and the one  above to cap things off (and mirroring/summarizing how I felt at swaying this beast called digital drawing) as a testament that I did try and will try again tonight and with it some improvements. Wish me luck guys 🙂

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Hell is Upon Us \m/

Posted in cebu, death metal by R.L. Bertulfo on March 7, 2012

Well, first off, I won’t drown in self pity and wallow in my own misery because of not merely updating this blog with decent post. Frankly, there has been no decent thing happening in my life worth sharing to the interwebz aside from the usual got a haircut and a real job, wife and kids all ok, no impending doom, so on and so forth. So, all I’m gonna do is post itsy bitsy stuff here if you folks won’t mind.

Its that time of the year again, yes you heard that right. Hellfest is upon us! Well, in this part of the globe that is. Hellfest is on its eight year itiration and it gets heavier last time I checked. And my band will help usher in Hell this coming Mar. 31, 2012 at the usual happening place at the AMZ Sports Bar, NRA, Cebu City. The usual suspects of bands are gonna help out as well, just read the poster above for  more details and you can even click on it and you be transported to the FB event page, wow, nifty, uhm, yay… Well, I would highly appreciate all of you folks to support our little shindig. The Cebu metal scene is still alive thank you, haters can’t do anything about it. See you there \m/

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2011, Roughly

Posted in IMHO by R.L. Bertulfo on January 4, 2012

(Note: I am terribly not an original, this post was inspired by this post, tnx man.)

Roughly, my 2011. In any order:

1.Joyfully welcoming my son to the this world.

2.Reaping the joys of fatherhood.

3.Bought a new phone.

4.Bought some cheap running shoes.

5.Discovered the joys of Android.

6.Participated in the 2nd Cebu Comics Convention.

7.Got back into running (or jogging, or whatever) daily.

8.Participated in 2 fun runs.

9.Got promoted with my day job.

10.Started writing and drawing comics again.

11.Stopped writing and drawing comics again.

12.Participated the NanoWriMo but failed at the first 200 words or so.

13.Written my second Shortest (Vignette)Short Story.

14.Engrossed with Books 1 to 5 of the Song of Ice and Fire all year round.

15.Attended in a wedding and a funeral.

16. Attended my High School Batch/Xmas Party Reunion.

17.Met some good old friends, miss some and made some new ones too.

18.Neglected updating this blog mostly all year round.

19.Preoccupied by mostly holding back two of my very close friends Mr. Diabetes and Mr. Hypertension.

20.Did 3 Death Metal gigs with the band.

21.Miss the company of alcohol and drinking buddies.

22.Syncoped twice 🙂

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Boy Sipok strikes again at the 2nd C3

Posted in comics, SDR Comics, the works by R.L. Bertulfo on October 26, 2011

Aside from my previous post, this one tops it off by a mile. I’ve been wanting to post updates of this and that on the whereabouts of Boy Sipok Comics come the 2nd C3 but I was to darn pressed in finishing the book out that I forgot to update this blog about until now and by golly much delay it is.

I started feverishly working on Boy Sipok: The 2nd C3 Companion only 2 weeks to the aforementioned 2nd Cebu Comics Convention as my usual. The first Boy Sipok comics was done in that fashion as well last C3 2010 so I can safely say that this is my usual routine with regards to making my sequentials, I like to cram, period, so sue me. I have a day job to get jiggy with and I can hardly squeeze a project or two but I try my darn best because for the love of the medium.

From the 12 page objective to the final 8 pages I was really racking my brains out in coming up with a Boy Sipok comics come 2nd C3. All I can say that I was proud to an extent and quite abashed actually that I have to go thru the same predicament I was in last year that I promised thereafter that I would not succumb myself to which I clearly failed. But at least I made it thru the rain, so to speak and I am sucking on it. I dare say, I shan’t do it again…nah….frig it.

A little background, Boy Sipok is my own creation, some would say its me personified but I have yet to see a resemblance. You guys can read this post, or this to help speed things up.

About the event itself (please read previous post for more details), Boy Sipok was one  of Super Debil Robot Comics catalogue to grace the SDR booth from my own line Imprenta de la Cucaracha Rebelarse, a rebellious imprint of SDR Comics. Honestly, I only sold a handful of it and I would personally thank you guys here in me humble blog…all 5 of you god fearing men and women who laboriously visited and checked us out on our little SDR booth and shelling out your hard earned P25.00 bucks. Hope you enjoyed it as much I enjoyed making it. Maybe come next C3 Boy Sipok would fare better but only if I make one better in the near future. I do hope I won’t disappoint. Well, just an update, if you have friends up north or the ones reading this blog happens to be in Manila this November 19 (?) for the Komikon 2011 I do hope could come by forcefully to our little SDR Comics booth. Tom and Suede will be there with open arms and legs to greet you (I can’t come again like the last time for financial reasons but the guys will be there in my stead) and maybe, just maybe, the Boy Sipok: The 2nd C3 Companion would tug at your geeky hearts and make you shell out some P25.00 love I would gladly appreciate the support you will give as you folks up there did at last years Komikon (see related post here). Other folks not from up north or otherwise you can always order directly from us at or post a message here so that we can come with an agreement.

Well, it was fun, I hope to do some more soon in the future. All hail, comics!

Remembering the 2nd C3 (or a very delayed post thereat)

Posted in articles, cebu, SDR Comics by R.L. Bertulfo on October 20, 2011

Wow, what the F. Sorry, it took me so, i mean, sooooooooooo long to post the aftermath of the successful 2nd Cebu Comics Convention 2011 last Oct. 1, 2011. Yay, nice try me. Nineteen friggin days delayed to be exact. Not that I had nothing better to do all them 19 lost days mind you. You know the drill, been busy with this, been busy with that s#$%T and stuff. Well, here it is, don’t fret. My post 2nd C3 post in all its memory fading glory.

(Caveat Lector: This is a long boring post. All pics after my inane textual post or better scroll down and leave the yapping behind)

We started early getting busy on our little farthest end of a booth around 9:00 a.m. at the U.P. Cebu grounds. The heat was gradually festering the participants already but lucky for us all the available booths were provided with tents for shelter from the sun, wind (?) and rain. Morning came and not much going for the crowd just yet, things got steam around 3:00 p.m. or so when the Artist Alley was already filling up with, uhm, ah, artist, what else and the crowd went wild, so to speak. Our little SDR Booth (thanks to the Big Ape Studio guys for letting us crash our stuff) or actually, our SDR/IPI Pharmaceuticals/Mcfarlane Toys booth which we loving shared with them guys, was full to the brim with our own indie comics, Mcfarlane action figures and yeah, some medicinal flyers courtesy of IPI. Our SDR catalogue was mighty looking good as opposed to the last years C3 which was only my Boy Sipok and Sugbu Jam No. 4 was on sale. Now we had another Boy Sipok Comics of mine, Sugbu Jam No. 5, John Amor’s Urban Animal Nos. 1 and 2, JP dela Rama’s Gemini Complex No.1 and some Komikero comics from Manila. We didn’t sold that much except for Urban Animal 1 and 2 that sold well as far as I can recall. Not that it was bad all in all selling wise, but it was surely an experience mind you and I am not complaining. I am counting on next year’s C3 if the gods allow to sell more of our Super Debil Robot Comics catalogue and alot of fans would support it.

Other booths present were the Wacom guys showing and strutting there goods for all the salivating crowd to see. I was eyeing on that Cintiq lustily and not the pretty lady attendant, really…really! I was scheming a plan of theft and armed robbery by nightfall to the guy who won the Bamboo but to no avail and rightly so. Then there’s them ever present Komikon guys with their comics fresh from Manila, they were also present at last year’s C3 and for that, kudos to you guys for never failing to participate in our little event this way south. Then there was the ComicXhub booth fresh also from Manila bringing with them awesome comics from Marvel/DC and other international ones. By impulse I had to buy from them DC’s the New 52 of Batman No. 1 which was so awesome, Greg Capullo’s art is tha bomb. I was shaking in anticipation on this one and much to my wife’s weird disapproving looks (she is the ever cashier of the SDR comics since from last C3’s booth). Then there’s the National Bookstore booth full of comics in trade and other art supplies. They gave away some cool Hellblazer tradepaperbacks also and then some Zig art markers. There were other booths put up then but I can’t seem to recall that much so I better leave it to that so as not to further my embarrassment on the details. Thanks to them they made the C3 a success.

The highlight of the event was definitely the Artist Alley booth, which highlights (do I hear an echo?) the purpose of the event. To promote comic book art and artist from Cebu and then some. I wasn’t able to attend to the artist alley because we the SDR crew were busy with the SDR booth attending to it and hoping to sell some SDR comics all thru out the event. Artist present at the Artist Alley were the ever urban animal Mr. John Amor all the way from Davao to regain his rightful roots representing Cebu komikeros with the ever agile cat Kat Layno, Leandro Panganiban, JP dela Rama (notice I only mention SDR Comics artist contributors, so sue me?!) and a whole lotta bunch of great artist filling up the booth and giving away cool sketches and then some. I gotta mention Ike Racho who came all the way from Singapore(?) just to attend to this event and promote his awesome comics Tommie Zombie, he is after all a Cebuano and started his comics roots here with some indies and the ever popularly raunchy(?) From Junquera with Love comics. I regret not having to buy his Tommie Zombie No. 1 and have it signed and get my picture taken with they guy coz I was outta budget by then. Next time dude, if there is one.

All in all, I can safely say that the 2nd C3 was fun like the last one. A learning experience even. I enjoyed meeting you guys specially the ones who came to our own little SDR booth and said hi to us guys. It is a reward in itself. Kudos to the Big Ape Studio guys for pulling off the event yet again.





(Click on the link below for more slew of pics from the event in slideshow style)

Hey, folks! Here’s to the next C3. Mabuhay ang Komikerong Pilipino. I’m proud to be a part of it and for that it is enough. Thanks.

P.S. hey Mr. Amor, where’s my Sponge Bob sketch from last year’s C3?…

Photo Ref Fridays: Homeless Person

Posted in photos by R.L. Bertulfo on September 2, 2011


And here we go, once again folks, it’s time for our weekly dose of Photo References that I may or may not use some day in some comics related project somewhere and perhaps lets put a somehow while I’m at it. Anyways, (© Tom) a homeless man is a homeless man, nothing compares as to the things he/she accumulates in his/her wading thru his/her colorful life. Lots of stuff and details to go about in this here piece. One artist that I can think of the top of my head that does cool homeless guy art is the awesome Sam Kieth. Just leaf thru art in the Maxx and you’ll see why. Nuff said.




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Photo Ref Fridays: Gnarly Old Tree

Posted in photos by R.L. Bertulfo on August 26, 2011


A perennial old tree. Nuff said.

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C3 is coming and the Pencil Flex guys…

Posted in cebu, comics, geeks by R.L. Bertulfo on August 23, 2011

Hello folks, The 2nd Cebu Comics Convention (or lovingly called the 2nd C3) is almost upon us this coming October 1, 2011 at the U.P. Campus, Cebu. I do hope I can beat the deadline of sorts and get to release the upcoming Boy Sipok comics there (crosses fingers and legs). A lot of Cebuano artist will be there and the Manila Komikeros hopefully, so show us some love and support this coming October 1st. We appreciate it greatly.

Anyways (copyright Tom Perez!), in other related news the awesome guys at Pencil Flex are giving away a free sketch of your choice during the 2nd Cebu Comicon. Head over to their site for the mechanics. Click on the link below:

The Pencil Flex Cebu Comic Con 2011 Sketch Giveaway

Hey, if I were as awesomely abled as them guys I would gladly give all of you free sketches at the Comic Con but I can pathetically assure you that you won’t like the sketches one bit so, a fair warning to you guys come Oct.1 and you happen to be idly standing in front of my table and thinking of asking for one. hehehe. I’ll see you guys later there, uhmmmkay?!

For related sites and updates, click below:

Facebook Fan page for the 2nd Cebu Comics Convention

Facebook Fan page for Super Debil Robot Comics

Photo Ref Fridays: City Birds Eye View

Posted in photos by R.L. Bertulfo on August 19, 2011


An impossible feat as of this time but I’m sure someday I’m gonna need this reference.

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What a Wonderful World : Neo Nazis

Posted in IMHO by R.L. Bertulfo on August 15, 2011

WTF! Hail, Hitler??

Starting today, I’ll be posting a series of events, things, persons and other matters that I find terribly interesting and/or things that piss me off  as of the moment and I’ll start with this one.

I’ve been meaning to post something of this subject for some time now. They are becoming rampart and it pisses me off to see them pop up from time to time be it stickers, t-shirts, murals a.k.a. consented vandalism, flyers and even FB post from.

Look at the picture above. Look at it. Gouge your eyes if its still unclear. What do you truly see? Disturbing, isn’t it?

True story, I was in some mall over the weekend with the wife and we were picking something up for my kid at the Kids Department area and this cute little brown cap was perfect for him but to one minute detail that made me cringe instantaneously. A Neo Nazi print !? WTF! man, jeeezus H christ. What has the world gotten into? No, let me rephrase that, What has the Pinoy gotten himself into this time? Can’t they see the significance of what the F they are doing? Do I live in a rock or something that being Neo Nazi is the next hip thing here in the Philippines? Why don’t they just kill millions of helpless Jews again while there at it. That was what Hitler was good at the last time I heard. Was the store promoting to the kids and teach them Hail, Hitler! early for the good of humanity? I was going to report it to the manager and asked him if they were aware of the product but the wife told me to leave them be because we were going somewhere else and we were going late.

And Its not just this purely innocent kid baseball cap that I happen to see them blazing Swastikas flaunting around, I tell ya, from friggin’ stickers to effing emo kids wearing their shirt proud with the look of innocently not knowing what them sigils mean in the first place, I even asked one time some snotty nosed kid wearing it and said he just dig the design man and when I told him what the symbol was for, he just stared at me blank and stupid. I could have kick his behind but I was outnumbered and I only asked him off handedly.

If the Nazis were still in power, we Filipinos could have been next on their genocide list after the Jews. Last time I check, we are not blue eyed, white skinned Aryans. When someone flaunts the symbol because he thinks its just cool to look at, pucker up and kiss the truth for once, do your share, do your research. Get to know something first before donning it up and let it be part of your lifestyle. It will only make you stupid and be a target of ridicule. But all in all, to each his own as they say, and this is just my humble f#@kin opinion. What a wonderful world this has become. Nuff said.

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