The Pencil Pushing Area — One Man's Work-in-Progress


Posted in fan art, inks, the works by R.L. Bertulfo II on February 28, 2009

I’ve pencilled, inked and somewhat cleaned (some pencil lines are visible, dammit!lousy me) this piece a little via PS and uploaded it on DA and linked it to a forum that I am irregularly participating in and posted in this here blog now in the wee hours of Saturday and I’m starting to dread that my social life is gradually amounting to zilch/nada/zero. As the wife would aptly say, “Murag alone naman ka karun cige lagi”. Hehehhe.  I’ve even recently neglected Friday night drinking spree with the boys for about a month or so now and the bands kinda getting stale even if we do have a gig coming up I don’t have the urge to be panic and prepare for the gig.  A typical day would be me off to work during the day and right after that  I’d go home and go read something and maybe a little sketch. Internet time is even minimal now and the tube is next to nothing. Maybe its just a phase but then again, maybe not. Nuff said about that.

The image above is my rendition of a character from a popular local radio soap opera during the late 90’s or so, here depicted decapitating the Super Debil Robot. Our neighbors help would blast the volume up during afternoons with programs such as this. We can’t help overhearing the program and get hooked somehow. Let our imaginations run loose as we try to discern the vocal dramatization. Ramini was the recent topic at some forum that I irregularly participate and we were urged to try our rendition of the character. Although this piece was a quickie and an unplanned one, spur of the moment and shit, I get to have the courage to try and ink it though and its a good thing, I guess.  I hope to render it and do it some lineart justice  (notice the poor excuse of a rendered bronze skin, geezus) it terribly deserves soon enuff. For now it will just serve as my quick contribution to the forum and a reason for me to update this blog. Again, nuff said. (@suede and @ramini, tnx for the topic).