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Captin N12 is now available at Sputnik Comics!

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Captin N12 has landed at Sputnik Comics, Cubao

Captin N12 has landed at Sputnik Comics, Cubao

Its been a blast setting up SDR Comics and taking part in the making of Captin N12 Issue 1 and its awesomer that Sputnik Comics would carry the issue in their branch there at Cubao, Q.C. for access to all you Luzon chaps out there. Just a heads up. Tnx  to the very nice and charming manager of the store Ms. Chez Fidelino for striking a deal with us newbies in the local comic book industry. Much love and respect.


Comic Book Pro Harvey Tolibao gets Captin N12!!!

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Just want to repost this. It’s one (—>click here<—) of the coolest things happening around our SDR Comics release…awesomeness!

Captin N12 spotted in Colon St.

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CAPTIN N12 Issue No. 1 is now available at LIM’s News and Magazine located at Colon Sts., Cebu in front of Oriente Cinema Theatre

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Captin N12 Has Arrived!!!

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It’s finally here folks (and right on schedule I believe), like it or not and yes for only P50.00 bucks. Don’t mind rationalizing the consequences of buying the book, it’s all but worth it. Its like buying a bottle of beer and some pulutan nuts or a short time nookie at TMS Lodge (as others have told me mind you) but only with this baby its a keeper. Releasing Captin N12 in the wild is an event itself because we at SDR Comics in some way, small or large, hold the beacon of a once dead comic book scene here in Cebu and we do so hope we can make more of the like so that not only will Manila be our only thriving area for local comic book goodness but let them reckon that the Queen City of the South has something to offer as well. Trust me like you trust a certain brand of a popular condom. I’m really happy for this guy here for it is his labor of creation (or as his title post suggested here), I have yet to know the feeling man. Soonest I hope.

If you wanna get one of these babies up and if you are a local resident of Cebu then there’s no problem, just contact us via email and lets decide where we would meet up and where within the cities limits. I will be posting also the local sightings of Captin N12 Issues where you can get it at your convenience. For orders outside Cebu, we can arrange something for sure so don’t you worry true believers (copyright Stan the man Lee) just drop us a line and we will be happy to accommodate whatever dark fantasies you may harbor.

Also, as I have always mentioned in forums or in this here humble blog of mine. If you (and that is if you are from Cebu) have some comic book creation dusting about somewhere, consider us and we might come to an agreement to breath life on you masterpiece. Let SDR Comics publish it for you. We need all the help we can get to keep this movement thriving. Peace!


We at SDR Comics now have a discussion board at Google Groups. Lets get acquainted there and decide on some issues percolating in and around SDR Comics and the Cebu comic book scene. Have a Google account?Join us, click here.

Captin N12 Issue No. 1 Preview Pages

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It has been a blast taking part of Motmots masterpiece, early on he wanted me to do the dialogues/scripts for this baby and I gladly helped out, it was originally planned to be in our Visayan vernacular but we finally decided to just make it in english for larger audience (?) and I really do hope so that I did an acceptable job at doing it, its my first time anyway, go easy on me, hehehe. From what he told me, this project of his was started way back 2006 and so far, its 95% done and the SDR Crew (the three little pigs : Me , Motmot and Suede) will be right on schedule come July 30, 2009 if all goes well. If you’re reading this, make us happy and order a copy or if not just click on the images above and comments are highly appreciated. It’s SDR Comics maiden issue and we hope to deliver more in the future so help the Cebu Comic Book Scene alive. Tnx.

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Captain N12 No.1 coming this July 30, 2009

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Captain N12 this July 30, 2009!WOOT!!!

Captain N12 this July 30, 2009!WOOT!!!


Wow! Motmot has really done one fine job at doing the covers for this one. Proud of you dude for spearheading this SDR release. Excited and psyched up on this one, Issue 1 is almost done, script and dialogues are the only thing remaining and the printing layouts we will be doing it this weekend hopefully.

Repost from SDR—Captain N12 Pin-up

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Just a repost, you can read the full rant here. This is my pin-up contribution to the upcoming Captain N12 issue No. 1 coming this July 2009 hopefully by our little do-it-yourself indie release for Super Debil Robot Comics. A little background, Captain N12 is the creation of  Mr. Tom Perez and he is a mysitical underwear and condom for spandex wearing Cebuano Superhero (as indulgingly conjured and intended by the mind of his creator) and if you are intrigued then hopefully you’ll get a glimpse of him sometime soonest.