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Captin N12 is now available at Sputnik Comics!

Posted in blog filler, cebu, Comic Books, SDR Comics by R.L. Bertulfo on September 3, 2009

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Captin N12 has landed at Sputnik Comics, Cubao

Captin N12 has landed at Sputnik Comics, Cubao

Its been a blast setting up SDR Comics and taking part in the making of Captin N12 Issue 1 and its awesomer that Sputnik Comics would carry the issue in their branch there at Cubao, Q.C. for access to all you Luzon chaps out there. Just a heads up. Tnx  to the very nice and charming manager of the store Ms. Chez Fidelino for striking a deal with us newbies in the local comic book industry. Much love and respect.


Whilce Portacio’s Video message to Pinoy Komikeros

Posted in Uncategorized by R.L. Bertulfo II on November 13, 2008

Just wanna spread the love on this one. Produced by Azrael, a video interview with the great Whilce Portacio, nuff said (tnx to John also)…