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Can this be a warm up sketch if u done nuthin after?

Posted in sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on April 17, 2012

N.Korea missile launch fail...coincidence?

Can the sketch above be considered a warm up one even if afterwards I didn’t do a proper sketch? hehehhe…I was doing this sketch as a warm up coz I was planning on doing some Hulk fan art or some Lobo, just doodling this and that and I even forgot to make a layer for the inks and just covered up the blue pencil lines directly via Paint Tool Sai when sleep gave way to reason and I just close the laptop lid and said goodnight to the world. I was tired and all and never got around to doing a proper sketch. Maybe tonight. I won’t promise though.

I was thinking of doodling up some fat dude jumping out and about like in a pool or lake or something like what we do in summer see but being lazy with perspectives and what not I decided to put a half assed rendering of a rocket (from the recent failed N.Korean launch) to the background and the fat dude like he’s stopping the friggin thing. I don’t know if you guys noticed it or not or you’re thinking what the fuck is that supposed to be. Well, that’s that and tomorrows another sketch away.

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Sketchercise Tuesday 5-OMG! Limbless!

Posted in sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on August 18, 2009

Look Ma! No Hands...and Feet!Yay!

Look Ma! No Hands...and Feet!Yay!

Wow, the last sketchercise I did was last first week of July, hmmmmm. That bad huh. Anyways, here’s a sketch I did tonight after furiously tackling page 2 of my soon to be submitted sequentials for the upcoming SDR Comics anthology slated this September. Furiously because I only went so far as to do preliminary rough pencil layouts and a mess full of erasers later decided to give up and proceeded to flesh out a character study of the antagonist of the six pager and then I unfortunately came up with this big hump of lug….with no limbs so to speak of….seriously. Pathetic but at the least I got to flex my lazy a$$ed drawing muscles. I guess I still haven’t overcome the fear of messing up the hands and feet on my lineart. Tomorrow may I fare better. Wish me luck!

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Sketchercise Thursday 3

Posted in fan art, inks, lineart, sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on June 25, 2009

Lady Trons gonna kick my shiny behind for this Fail!

Lady Tron's gonna kick my shiny behind for this Fail!

I was playing a tug-o-war in mind whether or not I’m gonna post this piece today but I posted it anyway for the lack of better judgement on my part. I am recently reading a Majestic TPB and came across Lady Tron in them pages and got me thinking, she looked easy enough to draw and stuff, with all the cyber crap 90% of her body is holding, yeah, I can pull it off. Unfortunately, no. I sucked at drawing women or cybernetically enhanced women for that matter. I make up a thousand excuses before I venture in with pencil in hand when it comes to drawing women. I tremble at even the thought of drawing one but every once in a while I save enough courage to actually do one and as always I FAIL miserably. This is not even a full body sketch. I even cropped out the lower half of her body just to compromise on posting this.

Well, I promise to do more sketches of women now and then even if I sucked and even if it kills me. I’ve done this self imposed sketch-a-day program to help me conquer my lineart weaknesses  so help the gods that I would atleast try sketch practicing drawing women in order to be more whollistic. I just can’t draw only men and weird thingees exclusively, that would be impractical. For some time in the future I would have to draw women whether I like it or not, much like backgrounds, and hands and feet plus  the lineart would be too gay, unbalanced without them. Hopefully I can upload a more decent one other than this. For now you’ll have to contend with commenting on this one.

Self – deprecation/observations:

1.Her neck is too long and skewed.

2.The leather jacket flaps are way too large to a point of dragon wings and wrong shading/lighting effect for it.

3.Cybernetic parts would’ve been more metal like than actual.

4.Her damn hair is supposed to be punk rock. Not teepee-like.

5. Boobs.Boobs. Boods.Work on it.

Nuff said. 🙂

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Sketchercise Friday 2

Posted in fan art, sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on June 12, 2009

Wolverine thoughtless sketch FAIL

Wolverine thoughtless sketch FAIL

The steam is almost out, I should’ve never have posted this shitty piece, I’m tired, uninspired for the day. Maybe when I don’t feel like doing a sketch-a-day I better not. Quality over quantity, I guess. Maybe tomorrow will fare better. Struggling with my style again, first I drew old man Logan here (below larger lifeless/David Carredine type Wolvie image) without much thought this afternoon with my original lousy style and started to ink on it listlessly and inevitably failed which I deemed evident when I first sketched it. Then I proceeded tonight to try to do it with the style that I am gearing for (above Wolvie image )which went well but me tired already which I just decided to just give up on it. It’s been a slow day. Whatever. Nuff said.

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