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Sketch Card try out pt.1

Posted in fan art, sketch card by R.L. Bertulfo on September 23, 2009

Last Saturday’s meet up with Cebuano Komikeros made an impression on me and the boys specially the awesome John was there, but what intrigued us was what the great Kat was doing and making money out of and that is drawing sketch cards. It peaked our interest to no end and made us decide to practice on doing some of it ourselves for kicks and maybe some due compensation. Aside from the Sugbo Jam deadline we manage yet again to make room for trying out on drawing on a typical sketch card of 2.5×3.5 inch board and to think drawing on huger paper was hard this one seems harder. To cram something on a tiny drawing area is a feat in itself and just by looking at forums and other related sites on the matter those guys are pretty damn good at it, skething, inking and to coloring it all in there. Kudos. Below are my feeble attempts at doing a sketch card art minus the colors for now till I find some suitably cheap yet effective marker to color it with. Hope I can pull it off. (tnx Motex for the vellum boards)


The Impraggable Hulk


Ghost Rider


Sketcheroo Thursday

Posted in fan art, inks, lineart, sketches, the works by R.L. Bertulfo on June 4, 2009

Ghost Rider weird version :)
Ghost Rider weird version 🙂

So its Thursday, and on with my self-imposed Sketch-a-Day futility.  I was gonna do the Joker but opted with the Ghost Rider today and failed as you can see here. Thought drawings a skull on fire was simpler than a grinning clown, fooled me.

Note to self:

1. Fiery skull head is looking to detached than the original.

2.Cross-hatchings!cross-hatchings. They are not just lines, they add depth.

3.Left leg is humongous and unnatural.

4.Shadows!shadows!shadows. Same as note 2.

5.No reason to be sloppy and lazy just because this is a sketch. Work on it full time.

6.Ghost Rider outfit is looking gay. The black cloth texture on arms are missing.

7.Next time google/rummage files for some reference on whatever I am sketching and not be lazy as note 5 is implying. It helps.

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