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Inking duties and Just like old times

Posted in inks, SDR Comics, the works by R.L. Bertulfo on August 23, 2009

My good friend Zerulean today handled me his 3-page pencils for a collaboration we are doing for the upcoming anthology. I have mentioned in the past posts about him, we were college buds before and we used to cook up our own superheroic comics back then, to practice our abilities and to waste time with. I was always the writer and the inker and he the penciller then and for our collaboration now the partnership is still the same. It’s almost 15 years since we done this kinda shindig again and I am really excited about this . I have been practicing inking over his work again today with a discarded piece of page he drew on and work from there then on and posted below. He changed his style drastically with this one with a lot of lines and hatches which I am not used to with his materials and as he said earlier it has been some time since he did a sequential thingee. It’s a learning process all over again for the both of us and I do hope I did justice to his pencilled piece when I’m through with all 3 pages. Here’s the practice piece we did. Comments highly appreciated.

Pencils-E. Espinosa Inks-R.L.Bertulfo

Pencils-E. Espinosa Inks-R.L.Bertulfo

Another thing, I’ve revised page 1 of the 6 pager submission that was mentioned in this post here, with this one here because I kinda did not like the previous one I did and I do hope I pulled it off somehow:

And here is page 3 2 of the above related story, the last panel is still unfinished with a very small detail of the antagonist destroying the building but what the heck I’m gonna post it anyway.

Nuff said. I’d better finish this up to page 6 before the deadline hits me and to top it off I have yet to learn to put word balloons on these babies. Geez. Wish me luck.


Sketchercise Tuesday 2

Posted in fan art, sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on June 9, 2009

Hello folks, for those of you who’ve noticed, no sketch was posted for yesterday because I was having a ball, drinking with some old college buds and I got home late already and kinda drunk. Lifting a finger and do some doodles was next to impossible so I have foregone with it yesterday. Today I am back, I think.

Honestly, I am struggling to get the groove back (if ever there was one that I am led to believe) for two straight days without a sketch (Sunday was a rest day and Monday as stated above). Struggling to think of something to sketch about for my brain can’t rack out something imaginative. Struggling also because laziness is rearing its ugly head at times and I am almost giving in. The force is not strong within me, sorry master yoda.

Anyways, on with my shameless Sketch-a-day.

Too much black....Spider senses tingling

I almost gave up on this one tonight. I was terribly  snagged by the black areas, they’re friggin’ everywhere with this guy. My initial plan was to put Spiderman upfront full body and use Venom, pouncing from behind him, as a background to let old Spidey stand out with the sketch but FAILED miserably and finally (and with the time crunch) put Spidey’s head as an afterthought. Damn friggin’ lame. Worse was I don’t know crap where to put all the black areas of Venom, which comprise mostly 95% of him. Geez. Hope tomorrow sketch would fare better. Nuff said.

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Sketchercise Friday

Posted in fan art, inks, sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on June 5, 2009

The Clown Prince of Gotham

The Clown Prince of Gotham

Well whadaya know, I’m still at it with this self-imposed Sketch-a-Day thingee even though how futile and irrelevant this is to the whole grand scheme of things. It’s a good drawing exercise though. Anyways, I’m still psyched up on reading the Batman R.I.P. and Secrets so might as well do a quick Joker sketch.  I f@@#$ -up big time with the shadow on the background which I realized after the scan that it shouldn’t have been put there and the poor rendition of the right hand. Well, that’s common for a quick sketch I guess (yeah right, lazy bones).  Nuff said.

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Sketcheroo Thursday

Posted in fan art, inks, lineart, sketches, the works by R.L. Bertulfo on June 4, 2009

Ghost Rider weird version :)
Ghost Rider weird version 🙂

So its Thursday, and on with my self-imposed Sketch-a-Day futility.  I was gonna do the Joker but opted with the Ghost Rider today and failed as you can see here. Thought drawings a skull on fire was simpler than a grinning clown, fooled me.

Note to self:

1. Fiery skull head is looking to detached than the original.

2.Cross-hatchings!cross-hatchings. They are not just lines, they add depth.

3.Left leg is humongous and unnatural.

4.Shadows!shadows!shadows. Same as note 2.

5.No reason to be sloppy and lazy just because this is a sketch. Work on it full time.

6.Ghost Rider outfit is looking gay. The black cloth texture on arms are missing.

7.Next time google/rummage files for some reference on whatever I am sketching and not be lazy as note 5 is implying. It helps.

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Sketcheroo Wednesday

Posted in fan art, inks, lineart, sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on June 3, 2009

Long Live the Bat

Long Live the Bat

This is day two of my self imposed sketch-a-day program. Although way too late, this is a tribute piece to the original Batman who died recently on Final Crisis issue no. 6 fried in the hands of Darksied nonetheless (correct me if I’m wrong, low memory me).  I just want to draw him today so I ended up with this one, pencils over hurried inks as usual. Trying out the Uni Pin that I get to buy today using it together with the Sakura Calligraphic pens. Also, sketching it on a recently purchased sketch pad Berkeley, cheap and good, getting the hang of  it. I don’t know if the paper on the sketch pad was intended to be inked on but I did it anyways.

Getting comfortable with the style that I am currently pursuing akin to that Kieth and Wayshack guy and terribly doing it. Notice all cross-hatchings in chaos mode flying in all directions specially visible on the arms part, lighting effects in disarray and inks hastily done. Well, forgivable because its just a sketch, I guess. I will fine tune this hopefully on future sketcheroos when procrastinating come a-knockin’.

I am just pumped up now. Hope I can graduate into sequentials soon because that’s what I am aiming at but not even tried to do even now. Just doing pin-up sketches for now. Comments highly appreciated. 🙂

Happy Holidays!!!

Posted in inks, sketches, the works by R.L. Bertulfo II on December 25, 2008

For the purpose of updating this blog, Me and black (way cooler than the red) Spidey would like to greet each and everyone of the web community and its constituents a Happy Holidays!!! Heres to another year!

Spidey Happy Holidays 2008


Post It Notes:

a little info on the above image

I drew this today right after all the commotion and hullabaloo of last nights family gathering awaiting Christmas 2008 and honestly, what I had in mind of drawing was the original Spidey costume (I dont even know why I chose him in the first place, all I had in mind was him the whole time) with the elf hat and santa loot but as I tried to sketch him up and I had a hard time doing his costume, them web linings on his tights are damn hard, geez, I thought it would not be difficult but boy was I surprised, so what better way to alleviate the situation by replacing him with his more meaner more cooler black costume….NOT! I had a hard time doing it as well, geeez, me drawing muscles were in knots. Spideys black costume made it hard for me to put the lighting points and shadows. hehehhe..more practice (which I am guilty at not been doing much) and to add insult to injury I tried to ink this f@#$ piece and what you have above kinda looks goofy but I posted this piece solely to greet each and everyone at cyberland for the holidays so you all have to forgive me for the above piece in the spirit of christmas sake (even when looking at it makes one think of black Spidey stealing some lot in some bank somewhere on Christmas, meany looking spidey)…hahaha…I sucked more in inking not that I dont suck at pencils as well…ha-huum…one man’s work in progress as usual. Forgive the inks, the mean pose and them feet, goddam feet and yeah, them shadows mostly also. 🙂  Heres the scanned pencils (which is little tolerable than the inked version, but still a lousy at it) before the tragedy of inking took place…critics are sure welcomed folks (i.e. john, alex and suede) in this season of giving.spideyxmassketch