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Sketchercise Thursday 3

Posted in fan art, inks, lineart, sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on June 25, 2009

Lady Trons gonna kick my shiny behind for this Fail!

Lady Tron's gonna kick my shiny behind for this Fail!

I was playing a tug-o-war in mind whether or not I’m gonna post this piece today but I posted it anyway for the lack of better judgement on my part. I am recently reading a Majestic TPB and came across Lady Tron in them pages and got me thinking, she looked easy enough to draw and stuff, with all the cyber crap 90% of her body is holding, yeah, I can pull it off. Unfortunately, no. I sucked at drawing women or cybernetically enhanced women for that matter. I make up a thousand excuses before I venture in with pencil in hand when it comes to drawing women. I tremble at even the thought of drawing one but every once in a while I save enough courage to actually do one and as always I FAIL miserably. This is not even a full body sketch. I even cropped out the lower half of her body just to compromise on posting this.

Well, I promise to do more sketches of women now and then even if I sucked and even if it kills me. I’ve done this self imposed sketch-a-day program to help me conquer my lineart weaknesses  so help the gods that I would atleast try sketch practicing drawing women in order to be more whollistic. I just can’t draw only men and weird thingees exclusively, that would be impractical. For some time in the future I would have to draw women whether I like it or not, much like backgrounds, and hands and feet plus  the lineart would be too gay, unbalanced without them. Hopefully I can upload a more decent one other than this. For now you’ll have to contend with commenting on this one.

Self – deprecation/observations:

1.Her neck is too long and skewed.

2.The leather jacket flaps are way too large to a point of dragon wings and wrong shading/lighting effect for it.

3.Cybernetic parts would’ve been more metal like than actual.

4.Her damn hair is supposed to be punk rock. Not teepee-like.

5. Boobs.Boobs. Boods.Work on it.

Nuff said. 🙂

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Sketchercise Tuesday 3

Posted in fan art, inks, sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on June 23, 2009

Chrome Dome Bastich of the Spaceways

Chrome Dome Bastich of the Spaceways

Well, whadaya know, I’m back at this sketch-a-day thing with a gun held in hand and up temple I finally get to pick up the pen tonight and do this. I’m not gonna get myself stressed over this sketch-a-day and make this more into a sketch-a-whenever-i-feel-or-get-to-do-it. A good comprise you say? Well, fraggin dammit, I do so agree. Hehehehe. On with the program, this is a sketch of the great Chrome Dome in the Sky, the Sentinel of the Spaceways, the once herald of Galactus, the one Lobo will kick ass whenever they come to meet, the…you get the picture. I am really fascinated with this character eversince and I do hope Marvel would revive him and not just do an appearance into some other books here and there now and then. Got a little wild with them Kirby particles up there, to a point of no direction really and copped out with a birds eye view sort off and the liquid eraser for stars resulted to just random white-outs, geez. And wait, are those feet?! All in all, fun to do. Maybe I miss doing sketh-a-days. Comments highly appreciated guys and ghouls.

Sketchercise Saturday

Posted in fan art, sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on June 6, 2009

Hulk Smash Little Man for F@$% him up.Yay!

Hulk Smash Little Man for F@$% him up.Yay!

Captain’s Log Stardate eh-, oops, wrong frame of mind. Its almost midnight and I am tired and waiting for the sandman to take  me to dreamland now. Almost didn’t get to do my sketch-a-day program today, my day was full on with extra curricular activities  (i.e. lakwatsa) and got home late almost 9:30 p.m. and proceeded with this sketch with the wife looking at me wierdly. I was trying to draw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because I was kinda reading it earlier this morning but failed. Seriously, I thought drawing a turtles face would be a breeze, it looks easy but damn not. So, I drew the next green guy that came to mind, the Savage Dragon but failed again and lastly the Incredible Hulk which I proceeded to finish because time was almost up and zoomed away and what you have is this. I drew his hair wierd, could’ve settled with the Ultimates version but no time left. I’ll get back to it sometime soon. Thanx by the way to the one’s who commented on the previous sketchercises, much appreciated folks (yes, the 3 of yous 🙂 ). Nuff said.

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Sketcheroo Tuesday

Posted in SDR Comics, sketches, the works by R.L. Bertulfo on June 2, 2009

I don’t know if the title is right. Does the word “sketch” mean only pencils on paper or does it include inking over them? Be it hastily or haphazardly. Well, this here I did today because I felt like doing one during my office break (?!, yeah right). Just a character study on a sequential piece that I will be handing over to SDR as a 2 or 3 page filleroo to the upcoming Captain N12 release come July 2009 (woot!woot!). Bobo the Clown : Intergalactic Bounty Hunter.  I will be doing a character profile post over at the SDR blog as soonest as possible about this here character and on the Streetcleaner, when I have the chops and stomach to post something decent there. Notice that I am bordering my style now differently and hoping it would be best. For now just a sketch post. Thank you.

Bobo the Clown: Intergalactic Bounty Hunter

Bobo the Clown: Intergalactic Bounty Hunter

The Streetcleaner revised and soon to be again

Posted in inks, SDR Comics, sketches, the works, Uncategorized by R.L. Bertulfo on June 1, 2009

Just want to make a heads up to the SDR Blog, it’s been updated with updates (no pun intended 🙂 ) to the so called whereabouts of each of our still yet incoherent projects therein, this one is my post there but feel free to check the others post. Click the link for some good lovin’ —–>>> Subject to change withour Prior Notice <<<—- .

Enough about them, now what’s up with me you might ask :).

Well, over the weekend we (that is the SDR collective of 4 but emphasizing on the 3 this time around) decided to post to the SDR blog updates on our individual pieces that would soon see the light of day anytime soon or end up in obscurity or whichever comes first. This made me sketch/come up with something/mind bend the images posted below in order to readily comply to what we have agreed upon. And eventually made me inadvertently revise the Streetcleaner which I was going to really because I think it was kinda off  and made me think that it would be better to use the original character sketch to some other thing in the future. This revision, as stated in the SDR post, will be subject to change yet again, without prior notice or until I come up with something cooler but the name will stick and I’m not changing it.

We also decided that on every meet up we make we would have a brainstorming/psuedo study on sequential art with references to whaterver we can hook up with be it How-to-Draw-Comics for dummies or similar tomes and from what-I-have-heard references also.  In the process we can feed off of each others experiences and expertise and learn and do some more unlearning in the process of this thing that we have high regard for, sequential art. So every weeekend or so we have a meeting on the status of the project and drawing sessions right smack in the middle of it to keep things productive. Cool.

Below is the revised Streetcleaner. I am still slicing my brain on what style to pursue. I tend to be fond on the cartoony side which is evident to this sketch I did:

Little Cleaner

Little Cleaner

This is the sketch I did afterward, still afraid to ink it because of all the construction lines, honestly, I don’t even know how to pull off the strongest lines for inking, stupid me. I am still drawing it the same way, typical comic book hero style I guess and that just bugs me because I terribly hate it but I can’t shake it off with an ugly stick, not yet but hopefully I will or I’d best be somewhere up in some bridge or building hell bent on jumping off to La-la Land:

Revised Streetcleaner sketch

Revised Streetcleaner sketch

Clearly visible on the above image that I don’t draw/practice that much nowadays and my lazy ass keeps rearing (no pun intended again) its ugly head with productive procrastinating on its back daily to terrorize me. Note to self: practice!practice!practice! and then some. I have decided to make the Streetcleaner look this way akin to the Daredevil/Batman/Moonknight/and every vigilante by night kinda thing to make him look like he’s to be take seriously unlike the previous character design I did way back in some post. Again, hope I can pull this off me having no experience whatsoever on lineart/sequential art and even good story telling and all. I have a couple of story plots running around me feeble head that I hope I can put it to paper the soonest and let it be over with. The revised sketch kinda looks like what I am visualizin in my head, well, mostly 70% of it though and its a good thing I guess. But in all honesty, I am fond of drawing goofy cartoony stuff but I want to achieve comic book seriousness first so I am still finding the visual style so help me god.

Here’s an inked character study version of it, comments as usual are begging to be had, so fire away:

Streetcleaner character study-inked

Streetcleaner character study-inked


Posted in fan art, inks, the works by R.L. Bertulfo II on February 28, 2009

I’ve pencilled, inked and somewhat cleaned (some pencil lines are visible, dammit!lousy me) this piece a little via PS and uploaded it on DA and linked it to a forum that I am irregularly participating in and posted in this here blog now in the wee hours of Saturday and I’m starting to dread that my social life is gradually amounting to zilch/nada/zero. As the wife would aptly say, “Murag alone naman ka karun cige lagi”. Hehehhe.  I’ve even recently neglected Friday night drinking spree with the boys for about a month or so now and the bands kinda getting stale even if we do have a gig coming up I don’t have the urge to be panic and prepare for the gig.  A typical day would be me off to work during the day and right after that  I’d go home and go read something and maybe a little sketch. Internet time is even minimal now and the tube is next to nothing. Maybe its just a phase but then again, maybe not. Nuff said about that.

The image above is my rendition of a character from a popular local radio soap opera during the late 90’s or so, here depicted decapitating the Super Debil Robot. Our neighbors help would blast the volume up during afternoons with programs such as this. We can’t help overhearing the program and get hooked somehow. Let our imaginations run loose as we try to discern the vocal dramatization. Ramini was the recent topic at some forum that I irregularly participate and we were urged to try our rendition of the character. Although this piece was a quickie and an unplanned one, spur of the moment and shit, I get to have the courage to try and ink it though and its a good thing, I guess.  I hope to render it and do it some lineart justice  (notice the poor excuse of a rendered bronze skin, geezus) it terribly deserves soon enuff. For now it will just serve as my quick contribution to the forum and a reason for me to update this blog. Again, nuff said. (@suede and @ramini, tnx for the topic).

Happy Holidays!!!

Posted in inks, sketches, the works by R.L. Bertulfo II on December 25, 2008

For the purpose of updating this blog, Me and black (way cooler than the red) Spidey would like to greet each and everyone of the web community and its constituents a Happy Holidays!!! Heres to another year!

Spidey Happy Holidays 2008


Post It Notes:

a little info on the above image

I drew this today right after all the commotion and hullabaloo of last nights family gathering awaiting Christmas 2008 and honestly, what I had in mind of drawing was the original Spidey costume (I dont even know why I chose him in the first place, all I had in mind was him the whole time) with the elf hat and santa loot but as I tried to sketch him up and I had a hard time doing his costume, them web linings on his tights are damn hard, geez, I thought it would not be difficult but boy was I surprised, so what better way to alleviate the situation by replacing him with his more meaner more cooler black costume….NOT! I had a hard time doing it as well, geeez, me drawing muscles were in knots. Spideys black costume made it hard for me to put the lighting points and shadows. hehehhe..more practice (which I am guilty at not been doing much) and to add insult to injury I tried to ink this f@#$ piece and what you have above kinda looks goofy but I posted this piece solely to greet each and everyone at cyberland for the holidays so you all have to forgive me for the above piece in the spirit of christmas sake (even when looking at it makes one think of black Spidey stealing some lot in some bank somewhere on Christmas, meany looking spidey)…hahaha…I sucked more in inking not that I dont suck at pencils as well…ha-huum…one man’s work in progress as usual. Forgive the inks, the mean pose and them feet, goddam feet and yeah, them shadows mostly also. 🙂  Heres the scanned pencils (which is little tolerable than the inked version, but still a lousy at it) before the tragedy of inking took place…critics are sure welcomed folks (i.e. john, alex and suede) in this season of giving.spideyxmassketch