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…and over the weekend

Posted in fan art, sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on April 16, 2012

…as promised, I wasn’t slacking out over the weekend this time. Here are some bat (can’t get enuff of them bats) sketches done, digitally done with Paint Tool Sai (loving it more than PS).

I'm gonna beat the bat crap outta you (insert name of villain here)

This was the first one done and the eye and hand coordination is still a pain when doing things digitally. I’m still getting the hang of things but I’m still determined mind you. Paint Tool Sai is awesome. I’ve heard of this nifty software for a while now but never actually tried it until recently and I’d wish that I did years back, its light and easy on the RAM and CPU side of things and well worth coz I have a very aging laptop to work things with (imagine working on things graphic at 768 RAM on a 1.50 ghz CPU). A lot of local artist I admire are using it for sketches and partnering it up with PS to touch things up like the great Kat and equally awesome Miko. Its an awesome tool. Now enough of the harping.

 This one I was just doing the lines short and more hatchings than I would want them to come out. Over done things most likely coz I am still in the process of adjusting and still am. Looked kinda like my old style of drawing things which I swore to veer away for the nth time already. Notice the my attempts above and below are somewhat crop upped coz of no feet or the Liefeld syndrome (yay! idol) but I’ll make it up next time.

Hey, this is me yawning...really.

 I’ve decided to redraw the first one and came out with this, more loose, more cartoony, more to my liking but still much harder to do digitally than the first one coz it requires less strokes and long stops in making the lineart or is it just me doing it wrong. Still gonna work out lotsa stuff like the anatomy part and shadows as usual and yeah, the dreaded woman anatomy and the dreaded (did I said it again?) essential backgrounds, all in all I’m back to square one and yet, loving it.

Well, hope you guys enjoyed it, critics are a darn a welcome. Nuff said. Till next update.

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Sugbo Jam : Komiks Anthology Variant Cover test 1

Posted in SDR Comics, the works by R.L. Bertulfo on August 31, 2009

This is a test run on a possible cover variant for the upcoming SDR Comics  Anthology me and the boys will be putting out with hopefully by the middle of September this year and it is aptly titled “Sugbo Jam: Komiks Anthology No. 1” and I am excited as always about anything SDR related. I’m still gonna tweak this up like loosing the pathetic background and definitely change the face of Lapu2x in this one, not happy with it. Nuff said, here is a preview and a test cover page for blog post sake:

Kill the Christian!!!! hhhheehe......

Kill the Christian!!!! hhhheehe......

Repost from SDR—Captain N12 Pin-up

Posted in cebu, fan art, lineart, SDR Comics, the works by R.L. Bertulfo on June 29, 2009

Just a repost, you can read the full rant here. This is my pin-up contribution to the upcoming Captain N12 issue No. 1 coming this July 2009 hopefully by our little do-it-yourself indie release for Super Debil Robot Comics. A little background, Captain N12 is the creation of  Mr. Tom Perez and he is a mysitical underwear and condom for spandex wearing Cebuano Superhero (as indulgingly conjured and intended by the mind of his creator) and if you are intrigued then hopefully you’ll get a glimpse of him sometime soonest.

Sketchercise Tuesday 3

Posted in fan art, inks, sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on June 23, 2009

Chrome Dome Bastich of the Spaceways

Chrome Dome Bastich of the Spaceways

Well, whadaya know, I’m back at this sketch-a-day thing with a gun held in hand and up temple I finally get to pick up the pen tonight and do this. I’m not gonna get myself stressed over this sketch-a-day and make this more into a sketch-a-whenever-i-feel-or-get-to-do-it. A good comprise you say? Well, fraggin dammit, I do so agree. Hehehehe. On with the program, this is a sketch of the great Chrome Dome in the Sky, the Sentinel of the Spaceways, the once herald of Galactus, the one Lobo will kick ass whenever they come to meet, the…you get the picture. I am really fascinated with this character eversince and I do hope Marvel would revive him and not just do an appearance into some other books here and there now and then. Got a little wild with them Kirby particles up there, to a point of no direction really and copped out with a birds eye view sort off and the liquid eraser for stars resulted to just random white-outs, geez. And wait, are those feet?! All in all, fun to do. Maybe I miss doing sketh-a-days. Comments highly appreciated guys and ghouls.

Sketcheroo Wednesday

Posted in fan art, inks, lineart, sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on June 3, 2009

Long Live the Bat

Long Live the Bat

This is day two of my self imposed sketch-a-day program. Although way too late, this is a tribute piece to the original Batman who died recently on Final Crisis issue no. 6 fried in the hands of Darksied nonetheless (correct me if I’m wrong, low memory me).  I just want to draw him today so I ended up with this one, pencils over hurried inks as usual. Trying out the Uni Pin that I get to buy today using it together with the Sakura Calligraphic pens. Also, sketching it on a recently purchased sketch pad Berkeley, cheap and good, getting the hang of  it. I don’t know if the paper on the sketch pad was intended to be inked on but I did it anyways.

Getting comfortable with the style that I am currently pursuing akin to that Kieth and Wayshack guy and terribly doing it. Notice all cross-hatchings in chaos mode flying in all directions specially visible on the arms part, lighting effects in disarray and inks hastily done. Well, forgivable because its just a sketch, I guess. I will fine tune this hopefully on future sketcheroos when procrastinating come a-knockin’.

I am just pumped up now. Hope I can graduate into sequentials soon because that’s what I am aiming at but not even tried to do even now. Just doing pin-up sketches for now. Comments highly appreciated. 🙂

WIP- “The Sacrifice”

Posted in comics, sketches, the works by R.L. Bertulfo II on February 16, 2009

Yesterday, me and my collaborator and very close friend had a little brainstorming and discussion. We were pitching some ideas to and fro which eventually took shape with me having to make an 8 page short story plot and my friend doing some rough sketches for the characters we were pitching in for the story. It was a productive exercise (hopefully will not gear unto futility) of sorts and real breath of fresh air to get to have a chance to talk and discuss somethings other than the mundane that plagues our lives from day to day. Jogging our brain so to speak and let them creative fires burn. Rakenrol!

Well, hopefully we can wrap this thing up this coming March and get it print out together with another friends upcoming indie comics release to tag along with his pages as an filler of sorts, tnx Mot. We were somewhat inspired by the people up north in our nations capital. They still actively churn out inpedendent/self published/non-profit comic books/releases and very note worthy indeed. All for the love of the medium and me and me friends hope to do so as well though measely and meager we may be. Me and my friend (or collectively we both called ourselves Metal Works Studio, though no studio can be found, just a name we tag ourselves with…hehehe) are starting with collaborating on this 8-page endeavour now and hopefully we get to finish this and get on with our lives.

Me on plots/scripts (and maybe, just maybe be inking the pages but seriously considering Mot to do the job, oh lazy moi or terrified moi) and him on pencilling duties. Character definitions and overall look and feel by the both of us and we already did it yesterday primarily.

The story is a short based on the concept that “what-if on your 21st birthday you were whisked out of our routine life by powerful beings and help you shape to be the destined champion for the world against an invading horde hell bent on destroying the earth?”. Well, that about sums things up for now. Below are the character sketches that my good friend and collaborator E.J. Espinosa thought up with (all sketches made by him with me ranting and raving along the side and yeah, pitching in)…by the way, wish us luck:

Our Protagonist for the WIP-Sacrifice
Our Protagonist for the WIP-Sacrifice

Our Antagonist for the WIP-Sacrifice

The evil Horde/Minion for WIP-Sacrifice

The Horde/Minions of the Antagonist for WIP-Sacrifice

The One who will aide our Protagonist in the WIP-Sacrifice
The One who will aide our Protagonist in the WIP-Sacrifice
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The Sentry

Posted in fan art, sketches, the works by R.L. Bertulfo II on February 7, 2009

Sentry Sketch


Just a sketch of The Sentry. Actually, I haven’t had the chance to get to read the comics but I really like the Sentry’s design so I might as well try a sketch on him for practice and to update this blog somehow. I’ve been meaning to post it last Thursday but my PC was not cooperating with me. I did a quick wiki search on the guy and man its cool to know that he has the power of one thousand exploding suns running in his veins, how friggin cool is that for superpowers. Right next to invisibility and xray vision (wink!wink!). Anyways, no inks though, I’m bound to try them soon enough and post it here for its getting pretty lame posting just pencils. 


Sentry discard

Sentry discard

Heres my first sketch attempt of The Sentry which I am posting here as reference. This blog is about my works in progress by the way and what better way than to show you my processes no matter how mundane.

Notice the huge hump which is my attempt at replacing the erased cape (I googled images of the character and noticed that his cape is actually pinned on his back and not showing on his neckline which I did in my previous attempt)and  horribly gone steriods. I made him look like the Hulk in Sentry’s outfit which made me decide to eventually redrew him altogether. 


Not related to this post but I’m gonna babble on anyways, last night me and a friend of mine get to hang out with Motmot in his place (tnx dude!he’s got a huge collection of near mint comics we just love to drool at). He moonlights as a sequential artist and is nearing completion on the first issue of his pet project and kudos to him for coming up with such good stuff. We happen to get a glimpse on his creative process and his art and it was enlightening and made me and my accomplice be inspired more to come up with our own concoction soon and help contribute to the cebu comics movement. Hopefully 🙂 . 

Ninja Gurl

Posted in sketches, the works by R.L. Bertulfo II on January 28, 2009

Some Sai-Weilding Ninja Gurl's back view

Some Sai-Weilding Ninja Gurl's back view


It’s a miracle that I get to sketch this piece today, let alone tinker with it in PS for added background effect, hehehehhe. Its the first time in this here blog that I’ve posted successively for two days. Maybe times a-changing for the better. Maybe I’m actually making some time in flexing my drawing muscles. Maybe I,uh,,,whatever…I’m just glad I did something and updated this. 🙂

Well, I was going for Elektra on this one, imagining her walking stealthily on some wheatfield (or ricefield!?) stalking some bad ass and that was just it, one over active imagination that never took form. I copped it out by drawing some chick’s back view with two puny sai blades for company …geez, lame-o…heheh…gotta try harder the next time…comments are welcomed as usual folks.

Happy Holidays!!!

Posted in inks, sketches, the works by R.L. Bertulfo II on December 25, 2008

For the purpose of updating this blog, Me and black (way cooler than the red) Spidey would like to greet each and everyone of the web community and its constituents a Happy Holidays!!! Heres to another year!

Spidey Happy Holidays 2008


Post It Notes:

a little info on the above image

I drew this today right after all the commotion and hullabaloo of last nights family gathering awaiting Christmas 2008 and honestly, what I had in mind of drawing was the original Spidey costume (I dont even know why I chose him in the first place, all I had in mind was him the whole time) with the elf hat and santa loot but as I tried to sketch him up and I had a hard time doing his costume, them web linings on his tights are damn hard, geez, I thought it would not be difficult but boy was I surprised, so what better way to alleviate the situation by replacing him with his more meaner more cooler black costume….NOT! I had a hard time doing it as well, geeez, me drawing muscles were in knots. Spideys black costume made it hard for me to put the lighting points and shadows. hehehhe..more practice (which I am guilty at not been doing much) and to add insult to injury I tried to ink this f@#$ piece and what you have above kinda looks goofy but I posted this piece solely to greet each and everyone at cyberland for the holidays so you all have to forgive me for the above piece in the spirit of christmas sake (even when looking at it makes one think of black Spidey stealing some lot in some bank somewhere on Christmas, meany looking spidey)…hahaha…I sucked more in inking not that I dont suck at pencils as well…ha-huum…one man’s work in progress as usual. Forgive the inks, the mean pose and them feet, goddam feet and yeah, them shadows mostly also. 🙂  Heres the scanned pencils (which is little tolerable than the inked version, but still a lousy at it) before the tragedy of inking took place…critics are sure welcomed folks (i.e. john, alex and suede) in this season of giving.spideyxmassketch

The Right Hand of Doom sketch

Posted in Uncategorized by R.L. Bertulfo II on November 14, 2008



Hello everyone, the Suedemonkey has pushed me to update this blog for quite some time now, thnx dude! I needed it, I think. Been busy with work and all and I just got recently hitched and still contemplating on the roads that I will be taking hereon end with my life and all. I hope I can be back to doing this self gratifying thing of sketching and doodling lineart. I’m starting to exercise my drawing muscles recently and its quite frustrating at times when you still have a lot to go yet so little time spared in doing it and productive procrastinating doesn’t help alleviate things one bit.

This is a quick sketch I did tonight on everybodys favorite loveable red-skinned Right Hand of Doom: Hellboy. I’ve seen a couple of art blogs lately with their rendition on Mike Mignola’s creation or two popping up and made me realize that why not churn out one though slopply as it seems. Maybe because of the recent Hellboy 2: The Golden Army movie.  Pardon the lousy clean-up on this piece. I’m still learning how to clean scanned pencilled stuff. Maybe you guys can’t help me out on this one by showing good links to tutorials and stuff.  Comments are highly accepted.

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