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Oldies but Goodies pt. 2-inks and a sketch

Posted in geeks, inks, sketches, the works by R.L. Bertulfo on July 23, 2009

You can read the first part of this post here or just freely browse the blog. 🙂

I have nothing better to post, been busy with finishing the Captin N12 Issue 1 dialogues/script and I was not able to sketch last week and unfortunately this week so what better lousy way to compensate by posting old fart art/sketches that I did way back 10 or so friggin years ago, pathetic me. I rarely do fan art then than now so most of what I found from my old boxes were some character studies or profile of what I (and the Zerulean, which will be part 3 of this post) happen to cook up with in me brain,  lots of ideas then on having my own superhero team or a really cool character or two then and maybe, just maybe I will resurrect and get to finish one of them now that me and the boys have our own do-it-yourself comic book house the Super Debil Robot Comics which I profusely advertise in my recent post nowadays. Image Comics was so popular then and it is evident in my sketches. Here we go:

Some YoungBlood influenced characters don’t ya thunk?! (Badrock ?)

This one I called the Emissary and I was hooked up with some Wild C.A.T.s storyline then, I forgot already.

This hear is Razorback (he is also in this previous blog post here), a pretty nifty combo of Cyber Force’s RipClaw and WildCat’s Warblade. I overly thinking of resurrecting him now.

I really thought Marc Silvestri’s Ascension character was cool and David Finch’s art rocks and still is so I made one me self which greatly influenced a comic book one shot 6 pager story that I did which the lineart work that I did was lost for all eternity en route hand carried by a friend of mine to be submitted to a Popcorn-esque comic book magazine here in Cebu then. Angels and demons have a special place in my heart also.

Another angel and demon piece, not inked, only pencilled this one and don’t have the heart to ink it for I was afraid I’d ruined it. This is the only piece that I thought I made a decent looking babe, and a demon babe for that matter and sideways and hugging the dude, and…ah, nevermind.

Here was my not so many attempts at doing sequentials with the Razorback character. Just a fight scene with no real concrete backgrounds hehhehehe. Lousy. I am still not comfy with doing a sequential now. Must muster up the courage soonest as possible or Motex will kick my arse. 🙂

That’s it then for part deux, f.y.i. I only scanned the most decent one that I could find, others was next to nada. Next post will be the collab we did back then when we were still in college with good old friend Zerulean.


Blast from the past

Posted in Uncategorized by R.L. Bertulfo II on August 16, 2008

I have nothing new to post, not yet but I was busy editing an inked drawing that I did way back 1999. I was trying to preserve it digitally by scanning and restoring the piece via Photoshop. The paper that I drew on was already yellowish so I had to whiten it out via PS which I must admit Im really terrible at.  I don’t have a particular work flow for such so I make do of what the outcome would be. Maybe there some better way to do it, do drop me a line or to and enlighten me, but for now what I did would suffice. From scanning the work at 300/dpi then editing it to PS such as image adjustments as to levels and brightness and contrast to picking out just the solid inked lines once it is fairly brought out from the original and changed the background to white to make the lines come out again to be revived from its present dated condition. Also, I encountered a problem with scanning images larger than 8″x11″ because thats the maximum amount of space my meager scanner could accomodate and the drawings below were drawn on 11″x17″ 2-ply bristol board so I had to cut it up and reconnect it via PS again which in the first place I have never done before so all I did was make a new canvass and sorta like connecting image A to image B. Again, if somebody knows another easier technique, I’m all ears (poor ignorant me).

The first image I called the Dark Trio, my pathetic versions of Batman, Spawn and Ghost Rider atop  some building looking at the city below and the other piece was my own cooked up superhero team which I terribly  forgot the name. So, there you go:

The Dark Trio (Batman, Spawn and Ghost Rider) -original version

The Dark Trio (Batman, Spawn and Ghost Rider) -restored version

SuperTeam Image A–original version

SuperTeam Image B–original version

Image A and B in one– restored version

These are drawings I made back in 1999, way back when I was always exercising my drawing muscles for fun. Now I’m planning on doing it again and hopefully I get to improve for the better. Judging from the looks of the posted drawings above, I don’t know how to draw feet, hands and women then and even more so now. Nuff said.

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