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The Sentry

Posted in fan art, sketches, the works by R.L. Bertulfo II on February 7, 2009

Sentry Sketch


Just a sketch of The Sentry. Actually, I haven’t had the chance to get to read the comics but I really like the Sentry’s design so I might as well try a sketch on him for practice and to update this blog somehow. I’ve been meaning to post it last Thursday but my PC was not cooperating with me. I did a quick wiki search on the guy and man its cool to know that he has the power of one thousand exploding suns running in his veins, how friggin cool is that for superpowers. Right next to invisibility and xray vision (wink!wink!). Anyways, no inks though, I’m bound to try them soon enough and post it here for its getting pretty lame posting just pencils. 


Sentry discard

Sentry discard

Heres my first sketch attempt of The Sentry which I am posting here as reference. This blog is about my works in progress by the way and what better way than to show you my processes no matter how mundane.

Notice the huge hump which is my attempt at replacing the erased cape (I googled images of the character and noticed that his cape is actually pinned on his back and not showing on his neckline which I did in my previous attempt)and  horribly gone steriods. I made him look like the Hulk in Sentry’s outfit which made me decide to eventually redrew him altogether. 


Not related to this post but I’m gonna babble on anyways, last night me and a friend of mine get to hang out with Motmot in his place (tnx dude!he’s got a huge collection of near mint comics we just love to drool at). He moonlights as a sequential artist and is nearing completion on the first issue of his pet project and kudos to him for coming up with such good stuff. We happen to get a glimpse on his creative process and his art and it was enlightening and made me and my accomplice be inspired more to come up with our own concoction soon and help contribute to the cebu comics movement. Hopefully 🙂 .