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WIP- “The Sacrifice”

Posted in comics, sketches, the works by R.L. Bertulfo II on February 16, 2009

Yesterday, me and my collaborator and very close friend had a little brainstorming and discussion. We were pitching some ideas to and fro which eventually took shape with me having to make an 8 page short story plot and my friend doing some rough sketches for the characters we were pitching in for the story. It was a productive exercise (hopefully will not gear unto futility) of sorts and real breath of fresh air to get to have a chance to talk and discuss somethings other than the mundane that plagues our lives from day to day. Jogging our brain so to speak and let them creative fires burn. Rakenrol!

Well, hopefully we can wrap this thing up this coming March and get it print out together with another friends upcoming indie comics release to tag along with his pages as an filler of sorts, tnx Mot. We were somewhat inspired by the people up north in our nations capital. They still actively churn out inpedendent/self published/non-profit comic books/releases and very note worthy indeed. All for the love of the medium and me and me friends hope to do so as well though measely and meager we may be. Me and my friend (or collectively we both called ourselves Metal Works Studio, though no studio can be found, just a name we tag ourselves with…hehehe) are starting with collaborating on this 8-page endeavour now and hopefully we get to finish this and get on with our lives.

Me on plots/scripts (and maybe, just maybe be inking the pages but seriously considering Mot to do the job, oh lazy moi or terrified moi) and him on pencilling duties. Character definitions and overall look and feel by the both of us and we already did it yesterday primarily.

The story is a short based on the concept that “what-if on your 21st birthday you were whisked out of our routine life by powerful beings and help you shape to be the destined champion for the world against an invading horde hell bent on destroying the earth?”. Well, that about sums things up for now. Below are the character sketches that my good friend and collaborator E.J. Espinosa thought up with (all sketches made by him with me ranting and raving along the side and yeah, pitching in)…by the way, wish us luck:

Our Protagonist for the WIP-Sacrifice
Our Protagonist for the WIP-Sacrifice

Our Antagonist for the WIP-Sacrifice

The evil Horde/Minion for WIP-Sacrifice

The Horde/Minions of the Antagonist for WIP-Sacrifice

The One who will aide our Protagonist in the WIP-Sacrifice
The One who will aide our Protagonist in the WIP-Sacrifice
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