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WTF I’m Stuck!

Posted in blog filler by R.L. Bertulfo on April 26, 2010

Sorry Folks, no updates, no nuthin, no nada. I’m stuck with nothing for the past 2 mos. or so and it sucks big time. My drawing board is literally filled with broken lead and crumpled paper and my mind is virtually the same. Hope I can get out of this rut soonest coz  SDR Comics is breathing down on my neck with the advent of Sugbo Jam No. 3‘s release which coincidentally put on hold for almost a month now and undeniably I am one of the suspects for its delay and me and the boys made an ultimatum to release it finally on the first week of May 2010 and or else by the gods we will all be damned in hell and I’m fairly akin to submit to hell altogether come May.

Not slackin’ off, no really…uhm..mebe just a little

Posted in blog filler, SDR Comics, the works by R.L. Bertulfo on August 10, 2009

It has been awhile since I posted something other than the happenings at SDR Comics and/or with the Captin N12 Issue 1 release. I was just productively procrastinating with scripting duties to the said comics and been passing the weeks churning out something plausible for the upcoming SDR Comics Anthology hopefully this September 2009. In short I was in “writer” mode during those weeks and boy its the same hard process as drawing. Currently I’m writing the scripts (when Motmot sends me the thumbnails anytime now) for Captin N12 Issue 2 pegged for release this October 2009 and aside from that I did some plots and story proposals for Suede and Zerulean for the upcoming anthology release and to top things off I am yet to write/plot/layout/draw something on my own for the said anthology.

I’m not complaining, mind you. It’s a great thing and it keeps my creative gears going…on to the wee hours of the night with matching stare at the ceiling sequence while awaiting sleep or insanity or whichever comes first. And to assure you folks that I am not slacking off just yet and for posterity’s sake, I am attaching a snapshot of my current makeshift work desk (actually it’s our dining table at home with a drawing slab forcefully slapped above it). Nuff said.

Sprinke with some art props for the desired effect

Sprinkle with some art props for the desired effect

My head hurts and then some mugshots

Posted in blog filler, sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on June 16, 2009

Now tell us miss, who did all the work on you?

Now tell us miss, who did all the work on you?

Hello. Nothing much really, just some head sketches here and there with only a cameo of the Daredevil that I dared (no pun intended)  not to do a full sketch with and decided to populate the paper with some random mugshot of some dude plucked out of my measely imaginings. I was planning on finishing the Horny one tonight but was too distracted early on the evening about some domestic uneasiness so the friggin steam blew off without even going to a boiling point so to speak. So I decided that this post don’t count as a sketch-a-day. My heads a screaming right now mentally with a hug F*ck You’s and some gaddamits on the side every five seconds or so and it makes my head hurt. That’s it then, signing off.

Its a slow weekend part 1

Posted in blog filler, geeks, sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on June 14, 2009

It was a slow weekend. It must have been the weather. I don’t know, just want to have an escape goat or something. What started out on Friday evidently made it to Saturday and today. My sketch steam was almost off.

Saturday the SDR crew met up at SM Foodcourt for some meeting and chitchat and we brought our sketch pads along to doodle away amidst the talk and we decided (unbeknowst to Suede ) to do a Teenage Mutant Ninja sketch to make the meet up worth while. Man was I damn struggling to draw some Raphael or a Leonardo and even a damn Splinter. Drawing animals is hard stuff (Damn you Motex!heheheh). I was already struggling as stated in my previous post about trying to draw TMNT and Motmot conned us to doing it. Anyways, mine sketch was lame as always posted below:

A turtle is a turle is a turle. No more No less.

A turtle is a turle is a turle. No more No less.

And out of the blue and to keep me occupied I decided to ink Motmot’s TMNJ piece straight out of his sketchpad just for kicks which he amusingly agreed. After the meet up I just went home and watch the movie files Suede gave to me (wink!wink!) and did not lift my pencil for sketch till today. I don’t know when this would lift up. Hopefully soonest. Just an update, Captain N12 is almost done with the inks and hopefully be on schedule this July 2009 release. Kudos to Motmot. As for the title of this post, hopefully it wouldn’t come to part 2. 🙂

The Streetcleaner is Coming….

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….if all goes well 🙂

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I haven’t been exactly slacking off

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Hello everyone. It has been awhile since I posted here and that doesn’t mean I was slacking off. In fact I have been drawing and sketching thingamajigs for a couple of  weeks now. It has been hard to juggle daytime work and family and the things and hobbies that I’ve been doing and rolling it to one and call it a day after it all. Its hard but I get by somehow.  and for the sake of posting something of interest, here’s a sketch of the bats I did just now 🙂 hope you all enjoy, click on the image for the bigger picture…its a special day to day anyway so what better way than to post. Comments are highly enjoined (have I improved on my sketch work in progress?):

Happy April Fools Mother Effers!!!