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The Streetcleaner revised and soon to be again

Posted in inks, SDR Comics, sketches, the works, Uncategorized by R.L. Bertulfo on June 1, 2009

Just want to make a heads up to the SDR Blog, it’s been updated with updates (no pun intended 🙂 ) to the so called whereabouts of each of our still yet incoherent projects therein, this one is my post there but feel free to check the others post. Click the link for some good lovin’ —–>>> Subject to change withour Prior Notice <<<—- .

Enough about them, now what’s up with me you might ask :).

Well, over the weekend we (that is the SDR collective of 4 but emphasizing on the 3 this time around) decided to post to the SDR blog updates on our individual pieces that would soon see the light of day anytime soon or end up in obscurity or whichever comes first. This made me sketch/come up with something/mind bend the images posted below in order to readily comply to what we have agreed upon. And eventually made me inadvertently revise the Streetcleaner which I was going to really because I think it was kinda off  and made me think that it would be better to use the original character sketch to some other thing in the future. This revision, as stated in the SDR post, will be subject to change yet again, without prior notice or until I come up with something cooler but the name will stick and I’m not changing it.

We also decided that on every meet up we make we would have a brainstorming/psuedo study on sequential art with references to whaterver we can hook up with be it How-to-Draw-Comics for dummies or similar tomes and from what-I-have-heard references also.  In the process we can feed off of each others experiences and expertise and learn and do some more unlearning in the process of this thing that we have high regard for, sequential art. So every weeekend or so we have a meeting on the status of the project and drawing sessions right smack in the middle of it to keep things productive. Cool.

Below is the revised Streetcleaner. I am still slicing my brain on what style to pursue. I tend to be fond on the cartoony side which is evident to this sketch I did:

Little Cleaner

Little Cleaner

This is the sketch I did afterward, still afraid to ink it because of all the construction lines, honestly, I don’t even know how to pull off the strongest lines for inking, stupid me. I am still drawing it the same way, typical comic book hero style I guess and that just bugs me because I terribly hate it but I can’t shake it off with an ugly stick, not yet but hopefully I will or I’d best be somewhere up in some bridge or building hell bent on jumping off to La-la Land:

Revised Streetcleaner sketch

Revised Streetcleaner sketch

Clearly visible on the above image that I don’t draw/practice that much nowadays and my lazy ass keeps rearing (no pun intended again) its ugly head with productive procrastinating on its back daily to terrorize me. Note to self: practice!practice!practice! and then some. I have decided to make the Streetcleaner look this way akin to the Daredevil/Batman/Moonknight/and every vigilante by night kinda thing to make him look like he’s to be take seriously unlike the previous character design I did way back in some post. Again, hope I can pull this off me having no experience whatsoever on lineart/sequential art and even good story telling and all. I have a couple of story plots running around me feeble head that I hope I can put it to paper the soonest and let it be over with. The revised sketch kinda looks like what I am visualizin in my head, well, mostly 70% of it though and its a good thing I guess. But in all honesty, I am fond of drawing goofy cartoony stuff but I want to achieve comic book seriousness first so I am still finding the visual style so help me god.

Here’s an inked character study version of it, comments as usual are begging to be had, so fire away:

Streetcleaner character study-inked

Streetcleaner character study-inked


Mr. Clean The Streetcleaner

Posted in sketches, the works by R.L. Bertulfo II on April 18, 2009

dsc01381Well, I promised to upload/update something in this blog and to my unfortunate predicament my home PC failed on me yet again for almost a week now and hasn’t been resuscitated yet. I’m using my issued office laptop to post and surf the net nowadays and add to the insult, I can’t damn scan my sketch updates here so I am left with uploading the image you see above as a preview of sort. It is not a scanned image but a snapshot via my camera enabled phone so for that bear with me on this, for now.

As the title of this post suggest, I’ve cooked up a character and layout a 5 page intro of somewhat of Mr. Clean: the Streetcleaner. Firstly, naming him from a well known laundry soap is kinda lame but that’s whats stuck in my head when I drew him maybe because he’s one bald mother#$% and as the Streatcleaner, named also from a fave band of mine Godflesh’s release, he will  protect the city streets from evil-doer or something of the like. At night he will clean the streets of scum, thus, the Streetcleaner plus he will be a metro-aide by day. Nifty?Not! hu-hummm…So, hopefully it gets to be included in the so called initial release project of ours (unofficially joked around as The Three Little Pigs Production 🙂 ) if I don’t f@#$ up and haul my ass off to actually finish this piece and start drawing come June 2009. Mr. Clean: The Streetcleaner, as I have cooked up in my head will be a mixture of Lobo, Batman, Daredevil and the Spirit rolled into a haphazard character, 5 pages of it doesn’t really give the impression of such but I do hope I can squeeze something there respectable enough, it is however our first take on doing comics. It is hard as hell just imagining how I will get to finish it, its a very daunting task for us newbies and fanboys to take a stab at what we like or do something about it and not just be forever fanboys.

At the least, we (the 3 little pigs crew) did something to revive the Cebu comics movement in our own humble way. As far as I am concerned I will never tread and dream of becoming a comicbook artist in some foriegn publisher and do it for a living, its just not practical and I am next to crap in sequential art but atleast I did something (well, will be doing something, hopefully). Hope the other guys tomorrow when we get to meet like my proposal and I get the cut.