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Boy Sipok now at the Komikon 2010

Posted in Comic Books, comics, SDR Comics by R.L. Bertulfo on November 13, 2010

As of this writing, the Komikon 2010 will be in full swing at the StarMall, Edsa today and damn it I couldn’t come to the event for reasons so naturally obvious, i.e. I’m broke or I don’t have the dough to show or I’m a loser, etc.etc.). I have not been updating this blog for some time now and it doesn’t mean that I have not done any arty farty stuff either, I was busy preparing Boy Sipok:Invades the Komikon Edition for SDR Comics under my own Imprenta De La Cucaracha Rebelarse Imprint and I seldom go online nowadays so I tend to let this blog go unattended and so as my other blogs (OMG! I have 3, friggin’ loser me) too but mind you I did not slack off as others might think or so I would lead them to believe. And the fruits of which I have now unleashed at the Komikon as we speak, or as I blog, or whatever. The point is that I have at least contributed something to the event in my own little lousy way and for that I am somehow gratified but it would have been cooler still if I were there, don’t you think? Well, fate is fate and such as such we leave it at that, there is always next years Komikon, hopefully. Thanks to Motmot, Suede and Bobols (the 3/4ths of the 3 Little Pigs (what?!) , aka the SDR Boys) for spreading the Boy Sipok virus to the innocent Komikon participants and for a measly P20.00 , black and white photocopied grass roots goodness, what more could a fanboy ask for. I’ll put a link here anytime soon for a CBR file version of this issue for Free download once I know where to host it. Keep posted peeps.

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Update: On Melancholy, Life, Limb and some oddly good cheer

Posted in cebu, Comic Books, geeks, SDR Comics by R.L. Bertulfo on September 9, 2010

Hello folks, I am not dead yet just coping with life’s trials and tribulations. Nothing that I can’t handle. Hey, gotta wake up and smell the carcass sometimes. Been neglecting the world, this blog and the internets for  that matter there are more pressing matters and decisions to be made and a lot of changes came thru this pathetic existence and it kinda disorients my daily happenings and mishaps. The day job demands, chronic illness threatening a lifestyle change, depression hanging around some near corner waiting patiently but  still a sliver of hope comes from expecting to join the ranks of fatherhood, a distant yet supporting family and just that nagging stubborness not to give in totally to all the negativity. Life goes on as they say, so, I better go onwards.

Haven’t really drawn in ages and a page or two I started drawing set for another Super Debil Robot Comics release I think will never see the light of day or in print. I don’t know if I my drawing mojo will ever come back. All I gotta do is wait timidly for now. The least I could do was to contribute to a collaboration I did with this guy (we did a collab piece for Sugbo Jam 1 also) and I thank him for it for finishing the 10-page lineart as quickly as he surely can. All shortcomings to be worked out (i.e. dialogues/scripting/lettercraft) are now up to me to overcome and (believe me I got much to write onto his layouts starting today) finish the story we started ready for Sugbo Jam No. 4 to come out this September 25, 201o and I do hope the SDR guys would wait on it.

Enough with my pathetic predicament and on to a more lively note, speaking of September 25th and why that specific date to release the comicbook, well, the 1st Cebu Comics Convention is finally pushing thru on that momentous day due solely to the hard work done by the great SuedeMonkey and Motmot and Bobols. Awesome guys to pull teeth to make that event possible. Salutations are in order for these guys. And we really hope to see you guys there come September 25th and witness the event. Take a look at the awesome preview of things to come below:

Makes any geek tingle in anticipation doesn’t it. Nuff said.

Comics Page

Posted in comics, SDR Comics, Uncategorized by R.L. Bertulfo on May 16, 2010

For a lack of a better post and update, I finally made a Comics Section Page in this here blog’s sidebar. Click on the sidebar  link or click HERE for instant awesome. I will update the page from time to time on some sequentials that I have published in some Super Debil Robot Comics releases. For the meantime, enjoy and comments and critiques are fairly welcomed.

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WTF I’m Stuck!

Posted in blog filler by R.L. Bertulfo on April 26, 2010

Sorry Folks, no updates, no nuthin, no nada. I’m stuck with nothing for the past 2 mos. or so and it sucks big time. My drawing board is literally filled with broken lead and crumpled paper and my mind is virtually the same. Hope I can get out of this rut soonest coz  SDR Comics is breathing down on my neck with the advent of Sugbo Jam No. 3‘s release which coincidentally put on hold for almost a month now and undeniably I am one of the suspects for its delay and me and the boys made an ultimatum to release it finally on the first week of May 2010 and or else by the gods we will all be damned in hell and I’m fairly akin to submit to hell altogether come May.

Sugbo Jam has Arrived!!!

Posted in cebu, Comic Books, geeks, SDR Comics, the works by R.L. Bertulfo on November 5, 2009

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We are now Accepting Orders (email us at , just give us a holler and we sure can holler back. We will be posting sightings of Sugbo Jam in this blog and here so I’ll just update from time to time. It’s an exciting week for Super Debil Robot Comics and I’m proud to be a part of it.  Buy our stuff and you get to help support the Cebu Comic Book Scene and spread some good lovin’. Nuff said!

Sugbo Jam Comics No. 1 for only Php 60.00


Yesterday’s Drink and Draw

Posted in blog filler, cebu by R.L. Bertulfo on October 18, 2009

It’s 2:00 a.m. and can’t sleep, might as well post something here seeing that the last time I post was almost 3 weeks ago and I am a pathetic blogger when it comes to updating this blog but all the while in my head I always been meaning to post something here and there but the great head of productive procrastination always rears its ugly head. Anyways, the SDR crew attended yet again another fun Drink and Draw session with some local komikeros at Gerry’s Grill Ayala Center Cebu yesterday. We met up with two of the awesome podsters of Tres Komikeros,  the great John and Alex,  and also with sketch card queen Kat. Seven all in all were in attendance and the theme for the drawing was a “creature feature” and all I ever sketch was a pathetic looking man-crab creature on steriods, I guess I was not into the drawing bit and was more into the drinking bit that day either way I  had fun. Here are some pics from the meet up and my pathetic sketch (I’ll make it up next time guys).

Wheres Wally?!

Where's Wally?!

Wheres Wally again?!

Where's Wally again?!

OMG! Here comes Mr. Crab! Spongebob save Us!!!

OMG! Here comes Mr. Crab! Spongebob save Us!!!

I am terribly rusty, gotta snap out of my unproductivity and draw gaddammnit!

Sugbo Jam Komiks No. 1 is almost the done, the pages are all set hopefully within the week we get to release this baby out.

Captin N12 is now available at Sputnik Comics!

Posted in blog filler, cebu, Comic Books, SDR Comics by R.L. Bertulfo on September 3, 2009

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Captin N12 has landed at Sputnik Comics, Cubao

Captin N12 has landed at Sputnik Comics, Cubao

Its been a blast setting up SDR Comics and taking part in the making of Captin N12 Issue 1 and its awesomer that Sputnik Comics would carry the issue in their branch there at Cubao, Q.C. for access to all you Luzon chaps out there. Just a heads up. Tnx  to the very nice and charming manager of the store Ms. Chez Fidelino for striking a deal with us newbies in the local comic book industry. Much love and respect.

Coming September 2009!!!(Hopefully!)

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Sugbo Jam : Komiks Anthology Variant Cover test 1

Posted in SDR Comics, the works by R.L. Bertulfo on August 31, 2009

This is a test run on a possible cover variant for the upcoming SDR Comics  Anthology me and the boys will be putting out with hopefully by the middle of September this year and it is aptly titled “Sugbo Jam: Komiks Anthology No. 1” and I am excited as always about anything SDR related. I’m still gonna tweak this up like loosing the pathetic background and definitely change the face of Lapu2x in this one, not happy with it. Nuff said, here is a preview and a test cover page for blog post sake:

Kill the Christian!!!! hhhheehe......

Kill the Christian!!!! hhhheehe......

Inking duties and Just like old times

Posted in inks, SDR Comics, the works by R.L. Bertulfo on August 23, 2009

My good friend Zerulean today handled me his 3-page pencils for a collaboration we are doing for the upcoming anthology. I have mentioned in the past posts about him, we were college buds before and we used to cook up our own superheroic comics back then, to practice our abilities and to waste time with. I was always the writer and the inker and he the penciller then and for our collaboration now the partnership is still the same. It’s almost 15 years since we done this kinda shindig again and I am really excited about this . I have been practicing inking over his work again today with a discarded piece of page he drew on and work from there then on and posted below. He changed his style drastically with this one with a lot of lines and hatches which I am not used to with his materials and as he said earlier it has been some time since he did a sequential thingee. It’s a learning process all over again for the both of us and I do hope I did justice to his pencilled piece when I’m through with all 3 pages. Here’s the practice piece we did. Comments highly appreciated.

Pencils-E. Espinosa Inks-R.L.Bertulfo

Pencils-E. Espinosa Inks-R.L.Bertulfo

Another thing, I’ve revised page 1 of the 6 pager submission that was mentioned in this post here, with this one here because I kinda did not like the previous one I did and I do hope I pulled it off somehow:

And here is page 3 2 of the above related story, the last panel is still unfinished with a very small detail of the antagonist destroying the building but what the heck I’m gonna post it anyway.

Nuff said. I’d better finish this up to page 6 before the deadline hits me and to top it off I have yet to learn to put word balloons on these babies. Geez. Wish me luck.