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2.5×3.5 week

Posted in fan art, sketch card, the works by R.L. Bertulfo on November 21, 2009

Hey, before I babble on. The Sugbo Jam No.1 is still available and if you folks don’t have a copy yet, better get going and grab one and lets be done with it. Help us komikeros to thrive in our own little non-threatening comic book scene here in Cebu and make our country proud like this guy here.

Anyways! (copyright by Motmot) Out of sheer boredom and I’ve got nothing better to do after the day job so this week has been kinda productive, artwise, in a way. When I am lazying out in bed reading and listening to my trusty iPod and zoning out over the week I decided to sketch a bit. Feeling guilty over the fact that I haven’t drawn for some time since the Sugbo Jam project kicked off and a lot of stack pile of pre-cut vellum 2.5×3.5 vellum boards hanging around collecting dust within arms reach I instinctively doodle a bit and stretch them stubborn drawing muscles of mine for kicks which led to the sketches below heavily inspired by Kikomachine Komiks Vol. 5 which was the one I was reading recently, kudos to Sir Manix…..

….which led to some off beat cartoony sketches below:

…which led to some superhero characters rendered unlike my usual style which I kinda like and will be developing later on over the weekend hopefully if all goes well. Maybe it was influenced by my reading online alternative comic book artist works:

…overall an interesting week for sketching. By the way, 2.5×3.5 sketch cards are still a pain to draw on but I am happy to say that I am getting the hang of it somehow, backgrounds and coloring this babies up still is a thorn on my side though. Comments and suggestions are highly appreciated on this one. Till next. Nuff said.


Wolverine Hair sketch

Posted in fan art, sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on September 17, 2009

Hey Logan, overdid them hair now do we?

Hey Logan, overdid them hair now do we?

Just like friend Suede, been awhile since I flexed my drawing muscles lately even though I still got a way overdue sequential to be submitted for the Sugbo Jam Comics breathing down my neck and the project itself is way overdue as targetted by the SDR Crew. Well, here’s an improved sketch (compared from a previous post) of my fave knucklehead James Howlett. By the way, got tired of my old signature and liking this one instead and I think its a keeper 🙂 . I won’t babble on too much this time besides, I don’t have anything interesting to say this time. Comments are much appreciated folks :). Thanks for dropping by.

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Sketchercise Friday 2

Posted in fan art, sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on June 12, 2009

Wolverine thoughtless sketch FAIL

Wolverine thoughtless sketch FAIL

The steam is almost out, I should’ve never have posted this shitty piece, I’m tired, uninspired for the day. Maybe when I don’t feel like doing a sketch-a-day I better not. Quality over quantity, I guess. Maybe tomorrow will fare better. Struggling with my style again, first I drew old man Logan here (below larger lifeless/David Carredine type Wolvie image) without much thought this afternoon with my original lousy style and started to ink on it listlessly and inevitably failed which I deemed evident when I first sketched it. Then I proceeded tonight to try to do it with the style that I am gearing for (above Wolvie image )which went well but me tired already which I just decided to just give up on it. It’s been a slow day. Whatever. Nuff said.

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