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This Blog is Signing Off…

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I’ve been thinking…

…I think its about time…

…to begin a new…

head on over at if anyone’s still interested.


Somethings a-brewin’

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Just saying, it’s comics related :), so keep posted….

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On various micro updates in life and some points to ponder

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There’s no short of the lack of updates on this blog. A lot of distractions come my way here and there because I know I’m the king of productive procrastinating. I’ve recently moved in to our new house last June 16 and I’m officially a Talisay City resident. So, a lot of routine changes are appropriate most especially about the commute.

Moving to a new house is kind of like a new beginning for me. Like a new chapter in my life book. Suddenly, everything old is new again or something. Makes me want to have a clean break, a new slate or a blank page to scribble or write on.

But contrary to the statement above I haven’t done any scribble/doodle/drawing digitally or otherwise. The new house is still littered with my boxes full of books/comic and others waiting to be properly placed including my digital drawing set up. I still need a drawing/computer table to host it up which I still don’t have the budget to juice. I hate drawing without a proper station to do it so this drains the drive to draw things somewhat or am I just looking for something to tag the blame on and what I mostly do now is productive procrastinating which I am terribly good at like the ones elaborated below.

I’ve been writing mostly everyday nowadays. Clunking it in on my laptop when I get the time. Usually around the wee hours in the evening or the wee hours of the morning or in between office breaks, whichever comes first. I was pretty much inspired by an article somewhere shared on the interwebz that I forgot who/what/where/the author of it but the fact remains that the article was good that I decided to write again no matter what content it would be but mostly I started for the nth time again a daily personal journal. Although my life is typically routine which is nothing to excite writing about. My journal mostly consist of some important/significant detail that’s worth remembering during a typical day and some notes about what I am feeling or anything I want to discuss with myself (yeah, I am that sane). It is good practice. I can flex my writing muscles daily and it helps, I think, although mundane or insignificant my life has been. Its a time machine of sorts. So far I have logged everyday since the 16th of June and I do hope I can keep this up. A lot of distractions as always almost prevented me from doing it daily but I muster the courage to keep going even if I felt like I have nothing to say. I do my daily journals digitally but I been contemplating of writing it the traditional way because  I think it’s more aesthetically pleasing and worth treasuring but terribly not secured because what if I left the journal open somewhere stupidly so anyone can read it. It is personal and I don’t even let the wife read it. It’s too awkward for that matter also. After I finished saving it on file daily, I host it to my Evernote account for safekeeping. I have used this app for almost all of my note taking in my phone and in my computer. It is one handy application to have to get to remember things worth looking up later. Digital has its downsides also, what-if the online service shuts down, what-if it is overridden by a virus and never to be retrieved. What a disaster but everything has it’s ups and downs so I better choose one or why not both? A nice online alternative would be a private blog which only I can access but that also has it’s inherent risk.

Another thing I want to point out is that I have been terribly contemplating on writing poems again. It has been been almost 7 years or so since I last written a decent one but I have always been a poet at heart. I’ve been making poems since high school. Where a daily journal is somewhat like reporting, poetry is like the voice of the soul, feelings put on paper. It’s a terribly different beast than writing. Well, hope I can pull things off and get my mojo running again.

And that’s that for my little updates. And how about you?

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A very late 1/7th Avengers Movie tribute

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I’ve been meaning to post this one after I have watched the Avengers Movie. A very late post and something to update this dusty blog dontchathink. I’ve been busy all over updating this thing called life. Been away from my digital drawing board lately coz we recently moved in on our new place and mostly my things are still in the box but I hope it won’t be there forever, trapped.

This is basically a cop-out because I cropped the hell out of this one. It’s supposed to be a full body sketch of the Hulk in the aftermath of some rampage but I wimped out and cropped the whole thing up to hide my mistakes and thank the gods for photoshop.  I have sketched a couple of Hulks in this blog and I never seem to get tired of him. Maybe because he is fun and easy to draw IMHO, just go berserk with the pencils and make every muscle overblown and add a green tint and there ya go hehehehe.  Linework done in SAI and colors/crop/etc. in PS.

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Repost– Call for Submissions: Philippine Speculative Fiction 8

Posted in blog filler by R.L. Bertulfo on May 17, 2012

Just wanna help spread the word out:

(orig. link—->

Call for Submissions: Philippine Speculative Fiction 8

Editors Dean and Nikki Alfar invite you to submit short fiction for consideration for Philippine Speculative Fiction volume 8.

Philippine Speculative Fiction is a yearly anthology series, which collects a wide range of stories that define, explore, and sometimes blur the boundaries of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and all things in between. The anthology has been shortlisted for the Manila Critics’ Circle National Book Award, and multiple stories from each volume have been cited in roundups of the year’s best speculative fiction across the globe.

First-time authors are more than welcome to submit; good stories trump literary credentials any time.

Submissions must be:
1. speculative fiction—i.e., they must contain strong elements and/or sensibilities of science fiction, fantasy, horror, magic realism, alternate history, folklore, superheroes, and/or related ‘nonrealist’ genres and subgenres
2. written in English
3. authored by persons of Philippine ethnicity and/or nationality

Submissions are preferred to be:
1. original and unpublished
2. no shorter than 1,000 words and no longer than 7,500
3. written for an adult audience
In all cases, these preferences can be easily overturned by exceptionally well-written pieces. In the case of previously-published work—if accepted, the author will be expected to secure permission to reprint, if necessary, from the original publishing entity, and to provide relevant publication information.

Submission details:
1. No multiple or simultaneous submissions—i.e., submit only one story, and do not submit that story to any other publishing market until you have received a letter of regret from us. We don’t mind if you submit to contests.
2. All submissions should be in Rich Text Format (saved under the file extension ‘.rtf’), and emailed to, with the subject line ‘PSF8 submission’.
3. The deadline for submissions is 11 p.m., Manila time, September 15, 2012. Letters of acceptance or regret will be sent out no later than one month after the deadline.

Editors’ notes:
1. Please don’t forget to indicate your real name in the submission email! If you want to write under a pseudonym, that’s fine, but this can be discussed upon story acceptance. Initially, we just need to know who we’re talking to.
2. If you’d like to write a cover letter with your brief bio and publishing history (if applicable), do feel free to introduce yourself—but not your story, please. If it needs to be explained, it’s probably not ready to be published.
3. We advise authors to avoid fancy formatting—this will just be a waste of your time and ours, since we will, eventually, standardize fonts and everything else to fit our established house style.

Authors of selected stories will receive Php500 pesos in compensation, as well as digital copies of the book.

Please help spread the word! Feel free to copy this and paste it anywhere you see fit that happens to be legal. 🙂

Dean and Nikki Alfar, co-editors

Crime Is Awesome

Posted in fan art, sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on April 30, 2012

Been reading Millar/McNiven‘s awesome Nemesis over the weekend and come up with a quick sketch coz it was that awesome a book. As always done digitally in SAI. Forgive me for the cop out shot, no arms and feet again and haven’t pulled off the Nemesis’s trademark smirk/smile as much as I would like  it to and basically its not that hard on the details with all the all white costume of his, its like drawing Batman in reverse heehehe. Did I already told you the book is awesome?Well, it is awesome. I like the cinematic feel of the comic book. Your like watching a movie reading this one. Now, if I could get my hands on them Supercrook books. Original sketch below.

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Quick Sketch 1: The Imfraggable Hulk

Posted in fan art, sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on April 26, 2012

Just wanna post a quick sketch I did last night, done digitally with SAI experimenting on colors coz I rarely color my work but decided what the hey I ‘m in the process of learning things so I’ll add this color thingee while I’m at it, while experiencing the agony of waiting to watch The Avengers Movie over the weekend…next time I’ll post something worthwhile, I guess. 🙂

Like, Hulk Smash or Something

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Can this be a warm up sketch if u done nuthin after?

Posted in sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on April 17, 2012

N.Korea missile launch fail...coincidence?

Can the sketch above be considered a warm up one even if afterwards I didn’t do a proper sketch? hehehhe…I was doing this sketch as a warm up coz I was planning on doing some Hulk fan art or some Lobo, just doodling this and that and I even forgot to make a layer for the inks and just covered up the blue pencil lines directly via Paint Tool Sai when sleep gave way to reason and I just close the laptop lid and said goodnight to the world. I was tired and all and never got around to doing a proper sketch. Maybe tonight. I won’t promise though.

I was thinking of doodling up some fat dude jumping out and about like in a pool or lake or something like what we do in summer see but being lazy with perspectives and what not I decided to put a half assed rendering of a rocket (from the recent failed N.Korean launch) to the background and the fat dude like he’s stopping the friggin thing. I don’t know if you guys noticed it or not or you’re thinking what the fuck is that supposed to be. Well, that’s that and tomorrows another sketch away.

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…and over the weekend

Posted in fan art, sketches by R.L. Bertulfo on April 16, 2012

…as promised, I wasn’t slacking out over the weekend this time. Here are some bat (can’t get enuff of them bats) sketches done, digitally done with Paint Tool Sai (loving it more than PS).

I'm gonna beat the bat crap outta you (insert name of villain here)

This was the first one done and the eye and hand coordination is still a pain when doing things digitally. I’m still getting the hang of things but I’m still determined mind you. Paint Tool Sai is awesome. I’ve heard of this nifty software for a while now but never actually tried it until recently and I’d wish that I did years back, its light and easy on the RAM and CPU side of things and well worth coz I have a very aging laptop to work things with (imagine working on things graphic at 768 RAM on a 1.50 ghz CPU). A lot of local artist I admire are using it for sketches and partnering it up with PS to touch things up like the great Kat and equally awesome Miko. Its an awesome tool. Now enough of the harping.

 This one I was just doing the lines short and more hatchings than I would want them to come out. Over done things most likely coz I am still in the process of adjusting and still am. Looked kinda like my old style of drawing things which I swore to veer away for the nth time already. Notice the my attempts above and below are somewhat crop upped coz of no feet or the Liefeld syndrome (yay! idol) but I’ll make it up next time.

Hey, this is me yawning...really.

 I’ve decided to redraw the first one and came out with this, more loose, more cartoony, more to my liking but still much harder to do digitally than the first one coz it requires less strokes and long stops in making the lineart or is it just me doing it wrong. Still gonna work out lotsa stuff like the anatomy part and shadows as usual and yeah, the dreaded woman anatomy and the dreaded (did I said it again?) essential backgrounds, all in all I’m back to square one and yet, loving it.

Well, hope you guys enjoyed it, critics are a darn a welcome. Nuff said. Till next update.

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